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Girl Scouts is all about making new friends—and keeping the old! By growing your troop to ten or more members, you can give girls in your community the opportunity to try new things, build friendships forever, take on adventures, make a difference for others, dream big and have fun doing it.

There are many benefits to growing your troop and encouraging your girls to make new friends and broaden their horizons. Every time you add a new girl to your troop, you’re bringing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to one more girl in your community! You’re teaching her that her voice matters and helping her turn “can I?” into “I will!”

5 Great Ways to Grow Your Troop

1. Share a Link to Your Troop Catalog Listing

If your troop is in the online troop catalog, you can copy a link to your troop’s catalog listing and share it with your networks. To get your troop link, search “Troop #####” in the Troop Number search field. Then hover over the green box with the arrow at the top of the tile and click “Copy Link.”

2. Use the “Invite Friends” Feature

If you already know the email addresses of families who would like to join your troop, you can send them a personalized invite with a link to register for your troop from your My Account page. To do this, navigate to your troop roster under your My Troop(s) tab, and click the “Invite friends to join your troop” link at the bottom of the page.

3. Use Email and Social Media

Are there parents and friends in your network whose girl would benefit from being in your troop? Let them know you have openings in your troop by sharing a social media post using one of the two graphics with the content post below or by dropping a friendly email using the suggested invitation template below. Don’t forget to include a link to your troop listing!

Download Join My Troop Social Media Graphic  #1

Download Join My Troop Social Media Graphic #2 

Download the Social Media Invitation Copy

Download the Invitation Email Template

4. Share Customized Troop Flyers

Customized Troop Flyers can be a great way to get the word out about your troop. Flyers can be shared at schools, community centers, libraries, and more. Let us know if you want flyers printed email Note: Please allow one week for your order to be processed and mailed.

5. Host a “Bring a Friend” Day

Share your Girl Scout community by hosting a “Bring a Friend” day! We have an invitation that you can customize to encourage everyone in the troop to bring someone who isn’t a member. Then host an event showing off all the fun things that Girl Scouts do, and don’t forget to ask them to become a permanent troop member. Please let us know how many invitations you would like by emailing

This is a day to show off your favorite Girl Scout activities. This might include: creating a build-your-own trail mix bar, having a Girl Scout scavenger hunt, testing your engineering skills by designing paper rockets or pencil catapults, completing a community service activity, or making yummy s’mores.

Grow Your Troop and Be in a Drawing for Great Prizes

ALL TROOPS that increase their troop by 2 or more registered girls between January 17 – February 28 will be entered in our drawing to win:

  • $25 adult Girl Scout membership for next year (5 drawn)
  • $50 Wal-Mart gift card (2 drawn)
  • $50 Casey’s gift card  (2 drawn)