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Candy, Nuts & Magazines

A “Friends and Family Program,” the Candy, Nuts & Magazine Program offers both new and returning troops a way for parents and leaders to coach their girls on the 5 Skills and a way for troops to earn funds for the first part of the year. Our 2018 program will begin in August; girls registered as of August 1, 2018 for the 2018-19 Girl Scout year will receive information on Candy, Nuts & Magazines via email and at troop meetings.


Have you earned Fall FUNds? You can use them the same way as Cookie Dough. Learn more...


For Parents & Caregivers


Special Event Flyer
Permission Form
Printable Business Cards
Candy/Nut Mini Order Card

CANDYGRAMS (E-news for Parents/Caregivers)
Sept 4, 2018: Add your girl to UNIFY, training resources and email incentives


UNIFY Overview for Parents/Caregivers

For Troop Product Sales Managers
For Service Unit Product Sales Managers