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Candy, Nuts & Magazines

A “Friends and Family Program,” the Candy, Nuts & Magazine Program offers both new and returning troops a way for parents and leaders to coach their girls on the 5 Skills and a way for troops to earn funds for the first part of the year. Our 2018 program has ended and will return Fall 2019. For more information please email


Have you earned Fall FUNds? You can use them the same way as Cookie Dough. Learn more...


For Parents & Caregivers


Special Event Flyer
Permission Form
Printable Business Cards
Candy/Nut Mini Order Card

CANDYGRAMS (E-news for Parents/Caregivers)
Sept 4, 2018: Add your girl to UNIFY, training resources and email incentives


UNIFY Overview for Parents/Caregivers

For Troop Product Sales Managers
For Service Unit Product Sales Managers