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Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Redemption Form

What is Cookie Dough?

Cookie Dough is credit that may be earned by Girl Scouts during the annual Cookie and Candy, Nut & Magazine Programs. Girls choose to earn “Dough” in lieu of another recognition item. Check your order card insert for more information on the amounts of Cookie Dough you can earn.

Cookie Dough is issued independently by each council and cannot be transferred to other councils. Cookie Dough earned at other councils cannot be accepted for redemption by GSKSMO.

Girls who earn Cookie Dough from the Candy Program will receive a letter in November. Girls earning Cookie Dough from the Cookie Program will receive a postcard stating their amount earned in April. Cookie Dough expires on September 30 following the program.

>> Cookie Dough FAQ

Here's how you can use Cookie Dough:

Girl Scout Shop Purchases

Cookie Dough can be redeemed for in-store purchases at our council store, located at our headquarters in Kansas City. View store hours

Girls (and their parent/caregivers) can redeem their Dough when they check out; simply tell the cashier the girl’s name. Balances left will be left on account and cannot be redeemed for cash. Troop leaders can shop with the girl’s Cookie Dough if the troop leader has possession of the postcard mailed to the girl. If the parent has lost the card we can provide a replacement (request must be emailed at least one business day in advance by emailing us). The leader must have that card in possession to use the Dough. This provides us proof of permission for use.

Cookie Dough can also be used in our online shop however a special code is needed. Complete the Cookie Dough Redemption Form to request a code. It may take up to four weeks to receive your code and codes expire September 30. Once you request the online code you can no longer use Cookie Dough in the GSKSMO store. Refunds are not available. As with most online shopping, shipping and handling fees may apply.


Enjoy the great outdoors with your friends at Day Camp! Cookie Dough can be redeemed when you register for Day Camp. You do not need to fill out a Redemption form to use Cookie Dough towards Day Camp. See your Day Camp Registrar for more information when you sign up for Day Camp.

Resident Camp

GSKSMO has established partnerships with sister councils for your Girl Scout to attend one of their resident camp programs. To use Cookie Dough for Resident Camp, please fill out the form and submit. You should also register your Girl Scout for the camp session(s) and pay applicable deposits.

Please allow 2-4 weeks to verify Cookie Dough amounts and for the amount to be applied to your camp balance at the sister council. It’s important that you follow the partner council’s camp payment policy and timelines to secure your registration.

*Please note that Cookie Dough may only be used for resident camp program registration at the councils and camp listed on the Resident Camp Programs page. Once Cookie Dough use has been requested it will not be refunded and that amount cannot be used for anything else.

GSKSMO Adventure and Excursion Programming

Zip line, go on a backpacking adventure and rappel with your Cookie Dough! To use Cookie Dough for Adventure or Excursion Programming simply complete the Cookie Dough Redemption Form.

Camp Fury
To use your Cookie Dough towards your Camp Fury experience, use the Cookie Dough Redemption Form and enter under Program Registration. Learn more about Camp Fury.

Northland Encampment 2020
To reserve Cookie Dough towards Northland Encampment 2020, use the Cookie Dough Redemption Form and enter under Program Registration by September 30, 2019. Remember that should you decide to not attend Northland Encampment in 2020, there will be no refunds of Cookie Dough.

GSKSMO Sponsored Travel

Cookie Dough can be applied to travel sponsored by our council, even if the travel is occurring later than the current year. You must redeem your Cookie Dough by Sept. 30. To use Cookie Dough for your council sponsored travel please complete the Cookie Dough Redemption Form.

*Please note: Should you use Cookie Dough towards travel and are unable to travel, or chose to cancel your trip, you will not receive a refund of Cookie Dough.

GSUSA Destinations

Cookie Dough can be redeemed for GSUSA Destination Travel. To use Cookie Dough for your Destination please complete the Cookie Dough Redemption Form.

*Please note: Should you use Cookie Dough towards travel and are unable to travel, or chose to cancel your trip, you will not receive a refund of Cookie Dough.

Annual Membership

Cookie Dough may be used for your Annual Membership when your total amount of funds is equal to or exceeds $25. We cannot process requests to apply amounts less than $25 towards Annual Membership. To use your "Dough" for membership please fill out the Cookie Dough Redemption Form and email to Please allow 2–4 weeks to verify "Dough" amounts and for the membership to be processed.


Can Cookie Dough be transferred to another girl?
No. Cookie Dough is an individual recognition meant to be used by the girl. This includes use by an immediate family member.

How long do I have to use Cookie Dough?
Cookie Dough earned with the 2020 Cookie Program expires on Sept. 30 following the program. Unused Dough is forfeited at this time.

How do I submit The Cookie Dough Redemption Form?
Scan and email (no photographs) completed forms to