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Cookie Training
For Troops


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Cookie Program How To Step by Step Tip Sheets

There’s a lot to manage during the Cookie Program. Don’t worry, we break it all down by topic in these step by step tip sheets. Just download the one you need as you go.

All About Cookie Booths

Ordering & Managing Inventory

Girl Payment Management & Recognitions

Grade Level Support Kits, Marketing Tools & Other Resources



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G.I.R.L. Entrepreneur Business Card  (Your Girl Scouts with the help of parents/caregivers can personalize)

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Thank You Sticker  (Add a bright, appreciative touch to your cookie boxes. One per customer)

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Thank You Card  (Your Girl Scouts can customize with a written message or drawing)

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*The items below you can download, customize and print as you need:


Product Program Banking

Troops participating in the Product Programs (Candy, Nuts + Magazines and Cookies) are asked to deposit ALL monies (cash + checks) collected in to their troop account.

Monies for each program will be pulled/debited from the troop account as follows:

  • Fall Product Program: October 28, 2019. All funds to cover your Candy, Nuts & Magazines orders should be deposited at this time.
  • Cookies: 1st pull March 2, 2020.  Amount equal to $1 for every package the troop has. 2nd and final pull March 16, 2020. The remaining balance due, will occur. All funds should be deposited and available in time for the second and final pull.

For troops who bank with Bank of America, this pull/debit process is automatic and no further action is required.

For troops who bank outside of Bank of America, you are required to complete two steps due October 1 if participating in both Product Programs and January 1 if participating in the Cookie Program only:

Account Reporting Form

ACH Authorization Form

If during either of our Product Programs your troop encounters a bounced check from a customer, complete the Bounced/Returned Check Reimbursement Form to access support.

If your troop account doesn’t have the balance owed as outlined above, submit a form (coming soon!) no later than the Thursday prior to the pull date. Forms received after this date may not be processed.


Cookiegrams are emails that remind you about next steps, provide reminders and direction. We'll link all Cookiegrams here within 24 hours after they're sent.

Online Training Resources (Videos and Webinars)
Apply for Funds to Support Cookie Program Skill-Building

New this year! Service units and troops can apply for funds to support Cookie Program marketing and skill-building.

The Cookie Program is all about supporting our G.I.R.L. Cookie Bosses as they get a taste of what it's like to run their very own business and practice their five skills (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills an business ethics). Service unit rallies and troop kick off events are great ways to get Girl Scouts and their families super excited about the season. Learn more and apply for funds clicking on the applications below.
Submission period closed on Nov. 11
Submission period closed on Nov. 18