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Tools for Cookie Program Success


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Product Sales Banking

Troops participating in the Product Sales Programs (Candy, Nuts + Magazines and Cookies) are asked to deposit all checks collected in to the Product Sales account. By doing this, troops are protected from any fees and follow up work a bounced check may cause.

Bank of America Product Sales Banking Basics

Deposit materials for this account are unique and coded to each troop. For this reason, each troop needs to request materials. To request materials, the TROOP LEADER should click on the link below and fill in the information.

>> Bank of America Deposit Materials Request Form

Non Bank of America Service Units: See your SU PSM for deposit slips.

Troops that bank with the council through Bank of America can request a transfer of funds from the Bank of America troop account to the council account for product sales funds owed to the council.

>> Bank of America Troop to Council Transfer Request