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Tools for Cookie Program Success

The Basics

Cookie Program Overview

For more than 100 years, the Girl Scout Cookie Program has been an integral part of the Girl Scout experience. It’s the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world! Girls learn how to make financial decisions, manage money, and develop customer service skills which will help them grow in courage, confidence, and character!

The 5 Skills
Goal Setting
Girls learn how to plan and aim for success.
Decision Making
Girls choose how to sell and how to use their funds.
Money Management
Girls learn how to be fiscally responsible.
People Skills
Girls learn how to approach and sell to customers.
Business Ethics
Girls learn the impact business has on the world around us.
The Cookie Program Makes Girl Scouts Possible

When customers buy Girl Scout Cookies, they’re helping power amazing experiences for girls – educationally, socially and service projects in their community. Cookie proceeds stay local, which means after the costs of baking the cookies and program logistics, 78% of the cost of each box is reinvested in GSKSMO!

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GSKSMO invests cookie proceeds in...
  • Girl Scout leader training and support
  • Community partner opportunities
  • Service projects
  • Events to enhance a girl’s Girl Scout experience
  • Girl Scout camp and outdoor programming
  • Financial assistance to girls
Troop Cookie Manager Key Duties

The Cookie Program is exciting for girls, for volunteers and for our council! You’re going to be amazed as you watch your Girl Scouts grow and learn --we hope you’re excited too! As a Troop Cookie Manager, you have a big part of helping girls; an impact they will remember for years. What an amazing reward!

Role Overview

As a Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) your primary responsibility is to oversee the Cookie Program for your troop. Your duties include running a Family Cookie Meeting , helping girls to set goals, managing the cookie inventory, and distributing recognitions. To help you complete these duties, bookmark Cookies+ for a wealth of cookie resources: online training, on-demand printables, Previous Cookiegrams, marketing materials and more.

Key Duties
1. Communicate with the Troop Leader

If you are the Troop Cookie Manager but not the troop leader, make sure you keep an open line of communication between you throughout the sale.

2. Read the Cookiegrams

Cookiegrams are emails that remind you about next steps, provide reminders, and give direction throughout the entire cookie season.  They include links to video demonstration and chapters information. They are archived here.

3. Distribute Materials

Your Service Unit Product Program Manager (SU PPM) will distribute these materials to you:


  • Receipt booklets
  • One package of the new Adventurefuls cookie for your girls to sample. Please follow food safety guidance by only handing out cookies in individually wrapped portions, like a baggie.


  • Rewards flyer
  • Money envelope
  • Order card (additional order cards available to print on demand)
4. QR Codes

You will note many of our resources have a space for girls and troops to paste in their QR code. This unique code will take customers right to the girl’s or troop’s sales site to make payment and order. QR Codes are accessible from Smart Cookies. Watch your Cookiegrams for more info.

5. Set Goals

One of the most important lessons girls can learn through selling Girl Scout Cookies is how to set and reach their goals. It’s one of the five key skill builders of the Cookie Program. Be sure to check Safety Activity checkpoints for guidance before deciding on a goal.


Brainstorm, with girls, what they want to do with their cookie proceeds.

  • How many packages will they need to sell?
  • Once they have a goal, discuss what they will need to do to reach it.
  • Report out progress towards the goal to girls throughout the sale to keep them motivated. (Remember – girls cannot be assigned a number of packages to sell. You can discuss an average number of packages.)

For returning troops, review your 2021 results. Discuss with your troop how they would like to adjust their goal for this season.

NOTE: For new troops! If you have questions or need support. Connect with your Service Unit Product Program Manager (SU PPM) for advice. Our SU PPMs are experts in your area for cookies!


Based on your troop goals, divide that number by the girls in your troop to find the average girl goal.

Discuss individual goals with each girl.

  • Is the goal reasonable?
  • Ways to reach the goal
  • Did she participate last year? Share her 2021 results
  • Is there an attractive recognition she wants to earn?
  • Brainstorm new ways to sell
  • Make sure new girls (and their families) understand the program

Include the parents/guardians! Do they agree with the goal? Is it realistic? The Family Cookie Meeting is the time to make sure parents/guardians are on board with both the girl and troop goals.

6. Host a Family Cookie Meeting

Family Cookie Meetings are critical to the success of the program. They help provide a foundation of understanding and agreement for both volunteers and families. We recommend hosting a (virtual) meeting in November or December. Girl Scouts and their families come together with their TCM to talk about the Cookie Program, discuss goals, share best to stay in contact (i.e., text, phone, email, Troop FB page), and agree on responsibilities. Use the Family Cookie Meeting to prepare for meeting.

Find a Family Cookie Meeting Plan outline and PowerPoint template “Resources” in the Cookie Training Module titled “Family Cookie Meeting”, or under Cookies+ on our website.


  • Invite families to the meeting
  • Make sure families understand that they are financially responsible for the cookies they take and that they cannot be returned. They can be transferred to other girls or troops that need them, so make sure they let you know if they have too many. And remind families that they can always get more, if needed. Provide families with your email address or a way to contact you.
  • Share the Girl Recognition Flyer (link) with the girls and their families
  • Recruit adults to assist with initial order pickup, cupboard pickups, and cookie booths. (Only one of the two adults at a booth needs to be registered and background checked.)
  • Share important dates and review the program calendar
  • If the SU is hosting or is invited to a Cookie Rally share the date/time
7. Manage Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies is the web-based program we use to manage the Cookie Program. You’ll use it to sign up for booths, order cookies, transfer cookies to girls, order recognitions, and review your troop finances. Almost everything you do will connect back to Smart Cookies in some way and most everything has a deadline. Be sure to watch for Smart Cookie deadlines on checklists and in Cookiegrams.

8. Distribute Girl Recognitions

The main benefit of the Cookie Program is the opportunity to learn and practice skills, but we all know the girls love the recognitions they earn! Most girl recognitions* arrive in early May to your SU PPM, who will then let you know when/where to pick up.

Please distribute girl recognitions by Memorial Day. Girls and caregivers expect them at this time and, when holding recognitions over the summer, you increase the chance that something could happen to them like being accidentally thrown away, damages, or theft.

Engaging Girls

The Cookie Program is available to all registered Girl Scouts. Families choose how the girls participate: booths, door-to-door, online sales, or a combination.

Participation Options

Safety and flexibility are a priority for the 2022 Cookie Program. We want each girl and her family to participate at their own comfort level and within current community health guidelines.

There are three options for cookie activity participation: online, in-person or both. Girls can opt-in to any or all the options listed on the following chart if community health guidelines allow.

Please note: GSKSMO actively monitors local and state health guidelines now and throughout the cookie season. Based on community guidance, options may change. Rest assured that we’ll keep you up to date on any program changes via our Facebook page and Cookiegrams. All girls participating in any in-person sales must follow all GSKSMO, state, and local guidance.

Cookie Participation Options Chart
Ways to Sell

There are lots of options for girls to engage with cookie sales! We know safety is top of mind, so we’ve created sales channels, tips, and kits to help her reach her goal whether that’s from her computer screen or socially distanced. We will update you in real time with which ways to sell are allowed given the safety guidelines in place at that time.


Girls are welcome, with supervision, to go door-to-door as part of their selling strategy. We recommend wearing a mask, dressing for the weather, and having leave-behind materials available. Girls can leave a doorhanger or business card, or ask customers to scan a QR code for contactless payment and delivery. Remember, with the girl’s sales link (QR code), neighbors can scan and pay online for porch drop-off or contactless delivery.


The Cookie Program is a girl-led program, but we also know that family workplaces are great for helping girls reach their goals. To keep it girl-led, girls should write a personal statement that can be left with the order card or send co-workers an email. The personal statement gives the customer the chance to learn more about what their cookie purchase is going towards. Encourage girls to write a thank you note or help in delivering cookies. Working from home? Girls can draft an email with their link for direct ship or porch drop-off and parents/guardians can send it to their coworkers if company policy allows.


Businesses look for creative ways to engage/thank customers. Who wouldn’t like a package of Girl Scout Cookies?  Reach out to car dealerships, real estate agents, and hotels are great examples of places that may want to offer cookies as a thank you.


Through the girl’s sales link or QR code, customers can choose the Direct Ship option* to have cookies delivered right to their door—a great option for friends and family who don’t live nearby but still want to support their favorite Girl Scout.

Girls may email their link or share on social media sites. Please review the Internet Safety Pledge before getting started.

*GSKSMO will partially subsidize shipping costs for customers.

Subsidized Printing Chart


New this year! Starting on February 18, each troop’s sales link will be automatically added to the National Girl Scout Cookie Finder. Customers who use the Cookie Finder will simply enter in their zip code to view both in-person booths and troop sales links. If the customer would like to purchase from the troop sales link, they would place the order and would receive the cookies via Smart Cookies Direct Ship. At the end of the sale, your troop will be credited for all sales generated from this link. These cookies should be distributed to girls.


Cookie Booths are any sales that girls participate in as a group. This can be in public businesses, on private property, or virtually. They are either arranged by GSKSMO (council-secured) or by the troop (troop-secured). Cookie booths are a great way for your girls to learn how to work and set goals together.

If you plan to hold a cookie booth, make sure to take our cookie booth training in gsLearn and check out the Cookie Booth section of this page.

Recognitions + Cookie Dough

The main benefit of the Cookie Program is the skills learned, but we all know that girls are super excited to have their hard work recognized and receive their recognitions.

Girls get rewarded through fun items like patches, activities, and the highly sought-after mascot plush (pictured right if it can be added).

At select levels, girls can choose to receive either the reward item or Cookie Dough to cover other costs like adventure programming, events, shop items, their Girl Scout membership fee, and more! Girls who earn Cookie Dough will be notified in April 2022; Cookie Dough earned in 2022 expires Sept. 30, 2022. More information is available at

Distinction between Troop Money and Girl Recognitions

  • Girls earn recognitions, troops earn money*, individually registered girls (IRG) earn credits.
  • Our goal is to offer items that can be used or include an experience.
  • The opportunity to choose Cookie Dough instead of an item is available at some levels.
  • Our recognition program is cumulative.
  • A flyer with this year’s recognitions is provided for each girl.
  • Recognitions must be ordered by the Troop Cookie Manager in March; items are delivered to the SU PPM in early May. Troops should distribute recognitions prior to Memorial Day weekend 2022.

*Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may choose to opt out of recognitions and earn an additional .12¢ per package which will go to troop funds. Troops must make a unanimous decision.

NOTE: Proceeds from cookies may not be assigned to individual girls. Troop proceeds belong to the troop as a whole. Meaning, every girl in the troop benefit and has access to proceeds even if they did not participate in the sale. Use these proceeds to help girls achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the year, like troop camping, adventure, travel, or service projects. 

Cookie Badges

When meeting with your girls and/or troop, set aside some time to look over the program badges that are associated with entrepreneurship. The five business skills are a core component of the Cookie Program, and girls can wear these badges with pride.

Cookie Share Donations

Giving back to the community is what Girl Scouts is all about! That’s why we offer Cookie Share, a great way customers can give back. Not only do girls get the satisfaction of giving back through the power of Girl Scout Cookies, they can also earn a special patch when they sell 12 or more packages towards GSKSMO’s Cookie Share program.

Cookies donated directly to the USO, the VA Hospitals in KC and Topeka and Harvesters.


Cookie How-To

Managing the Cookies

You’ll keep track of your troop’s cookie inventory in Smart Cookies. Receipts are a great way to not only have proof of the exchange of money, they show what cookies each family took. Be sure to fill out a receipt, then enter that information in Smart Cookies.

There are three ways to get cookies:
Initial Cookie Order

If your troop is participating in the in-person option, you’ll want to place an initial order on January 14. Placing an initial order means your troop will have cookies on-hand in early February.

Placing an initial cookie order helps your troop(s) have the inventory you need on-hand to start the program in case your assigned cupboard is not open yet.

We recommend that you order enough cookies to get you through February 17.

Initial Order Delivery: What to Expect

All troops belong to a Service Unit (a group of troops in the same geographical area); all initial orders are delivered to a predetermined location. Your SU PPM will let you know when and where to pick up your order.

Your responsibilities:

  • Arranging for pickup of the initial order.
  • Verifying the cookie totals by variety at the delivery location
  • Setting a day and time for families to pick up their inventory.
  • Issuing receipts to families of total cookies picked up, by variety of cookie.
  • Plan to pick up your full order. SU PPMs are not responsible for your cookies. Many do not allow partial order pick up. Cookies cannot be left over night. Recruit help if needed. The chart below gives an approximate number of cases that can be fit into an empty vehicle.

Smart Tip: Arrive early; if you are assigned a time and you are late, you may have to wait.

Damages at Delivery

Bring any damages noticed at delivery to the attention of the SU PPM. If it can be fixed, then it will. If it cannot, order a replacement on a planned order and bring it to your cupboard to exchange.

Damages after Delivery

If you open a case and there’s a problem, place a planned order and bring it to your cupboard to exchange.

Questions about damages? Email

Cookie Cupboards

Council cookie cupboards open on February 11th. Your troop can gather orders from customers, tally up what cookies you need, and then place an order (called a Planned Order) for additional cases. When you place a planned order, you’ll see your options for when/where to pick up.

What are Cookie Cupboards? Cookie cupboards are physical locations where the cookies are stored. This year, we are taking extra steps to make sure your pickup runs smoothly and within safety guidelines. Typically, they’re local warehouses and/or homes of volunteers that are gracious enough to host them. This is where you can pick up additional cookies and replace damaged product.

Types of Cupboards
  1. Council: Troops that do not have a Service Unit Cupboard are assigned to the closest regional cupboard. You’ll see details when you place a planned order.

  2. Service Unit: Some Service Units host a cupboard for their troops when their SU has a volunteer who wants to host a cupboard. These are usually held at a volunteer’s home.

All troops must place a planned order through Smart Cookies each week to pick up cookies at their assigned cupboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The troop contacts in Smart Cookies will receive an email when cookies are transferred to the troop from a cupboard.

Planned Orders

All Cupboards will require a planned order. Log into Smart Cookies and place a planned cookie order pickup to ensure you can pick up your full order.

These orders are due Sunday evenings, 9:00 pm. When you place the order, you’ll see options for the day and time(s) you can pick up.

From Other Troops

Troops are welcome to transfer cookies between troops. Make sure receipts are signed. The transferring troop completes the transfer in Smart Cookies and the receiving troop will get an email confirming the transfer.

Other Cookie Management Topics
Tips for Managing Cookies
Collect money from families regularly.
  • Troops should collect, and deposit, cash and checks from families on a regular basis. We recommend weekly deposits to avoid lost/stolen funds. Payment for cookies should be collected when cookies are delivered unless the customer has used the girl’s online links to order.
Maintain your receipts and records.
  • Correctly and completely fill out receipts any time that cookies or money are exchanged with families.

  • Review your transfers in Smart Cookies from cookie cupboard visits to assure they are correct.
Schedule a weekly check-in with families.
  • Sunday evenings are a good time so that you can plan the upcoming week; planned orders are due in Smart Cookies by 9p on Sundays.

  • Check in with families about their existing inventory; do they have too much? Can it be transferred to another family? Do they need more?

  • Remind families that cookies must be kept in sellable condition.

  • Cookies should be stored in secure areas with a controlled temp of 40-70 degrees, free from pets, bugs, fuel, smoke, or other damaging effects. If cookies are damaged the family assumes financial responsibility.
Participation with No Physical Inventory

Your Girl Scouts can participate in the Cookie Program in a virtual only way. She will send emails to customers from Smart Cookies with a link to purchase and have those cookies direct shipped. The customer will order, pay and cookies will be direct shipped from the baker. In turn, the Girl Scout will get credit for her sales.

And don’t forget, your Girl Scouts can participate in both options with physical inventory you provide them and they deliver and with the online direct ship from the baker option too.

Managing the Money

Managing finances is a very important part of the TCM’s role; keeping track of monies in Smart Cookies, writing receipts, and making regular deposits are key to your success!

How Cookie Money Works
  1. The troop gets cookies from the initial order or a Cookie Cupboard. Once the troop receives these cookies, they are financially responsible for them.

  2. Participating Girl Scouts get cookies from their troop. Initial orders are assigned to girls in Smart Cookies, additional cookies taken should be documented in Smart Cookies by transferring these cookies to the girl and have a parent/caregiver sign a receipt for the number of cookies they picked up.

  3. Girls sell cookies, and collect payment, from customers. All cash and checks collected should be turned into the troop. The Troop Cookie Manager will distribute receipts for all cookie and money transactions. Families should retain copies of all receipts provided by the troop.

When a family turns in money, record the amount in Smart Cookies. Troop deposits are not recorded in Smart Cookies.


  • Always fill out a receipt, correctly and completely when a caregiver turns in money
  • Troop keeps original (white copy), caregiver received yellow copy
  • If you need more receipt books, ask your SU PPM, drop by the office (call first to confirm) or email to request
How to Track Girl Money in Smart Cookies

To enter girl payments into Smart Cookies, log into Smart Cookies at

  1. Hover over the Finances tab and choose Financial Transactions
  2. The program opens automatically to the troop transaction tab, click on ‘Girl Transaction’
  3. Scroll down and click ‘Add Girl Transaction’
  4. Choose the girl, type, and payment method from the drop-down menus.
  5. Enter the date (the day the cash/checks were accepted) and the amount of the deposit
  6. The reference and notes fields are optional and as a rule the council will not see these fields. If something has been entered in these fields do not erase
  7. Click Save
Bank Deposits

Troops deposit all cookie money into their troop’s bank account. GSKSMO will withdraw these proceeds via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawal twice during the season. Make sure there are enough funds in the troop’s bank account and deposit all money at least three days before the ACH date.

BANK DEPOSIT PROCESS FOR GIRL SCOUT Independently Registered Girl (INDY Girls): INDY Girls are registered girl members who are not affiliated with a troop. These Girl Scouts deposit their total sales into a GSKSMO account using special encoded council deposit slip.

Returned Checks or Bank Fees

If your troop encounters returned checks (meaning they have non-sufficient funds or closed accounts) complete this form:

Bounced/Returned Check Reimbursement Form

SMART TIP: Do not hang on to money—get it in the bank.

End-of-Program Banking

You may encounter a few clean-up tasks at the end of the sale. If you do, you’ll want to meet with your SU PPM no later than March 14.

Excess Troop Inventory

At the end of the sale, your troop may have excess packages that still need to be sold. If your excess cookies affect your ability to finalize payment, complete the Funds Not Yet Available Form to allow for additional time to sell the inventory. Link Funds not yet available form

  • Troops may hold additional cookie booths but may not reach out to any business on the no call list.

  •  After the final ACH pull, we will identify troops who have a balance owed; Troop Leaders should be watching over the program and making sure that funds are collected, and deposited, regularly. The Troop Leader listed as the primary cardholder for the bank account will be contacted.

  • The TCM should complete the Funds Not Yet Available Form by March 10, 2022, prior to the final ACH pull.

  • If it’s determined that the Troop Cookie Manager, or caregiver(s) is/are responsible for the finances, we will shift the debt to a “family” debt.

  • Our Service Unit Support Team will evaluate this list and determine if any volunteers are not eligible to return in a leadership role. Volunteers will be notified by August 1.

  • Girl Scouts under the care of any non-eligible volunteer may participate in booth sales and Direct Ship sales only.

  • Troops that have Cookie Program balances will not be able to participate in council- sponsored travel and troop trips.
Unpaid Cookies

Families with unsold packages will need to assume financial responsibility for them. Meet with your SU PPM to turn in signed, dated receipts and details on the debtor(s). This will ensure your troop is not financially impacted by the family cookie debt. Failure to do so will bring the financial responsibility back to the troop.

  • If the troop does not have receipts, council cannot assist with debt collection and the balance due will revert to the troop.

  • Caregivers who owe funds will be listed in a database and we will reach out to the caregiver to follow up; troop leadership must inform the Product Program Team if a caregiver has paid after the troop has turned in the caregiver.

  • The Girl Scouts of the caregiver may be restricted from participating regularly because of the debt; booth sales and Direct Ship sales will be allowed.

  • The Girl Scout will continue to receive recognitions that are distributed by the Troop Leadership (patches, cups, shirts, etc.) but higher-level items (Day at the K, WOF, Cookie Dough, etc.) will not be distributed until the debt is paid. We will not provide make up tickets for events that are  over by the time the debt is paid.

SMART TIP: In the event of theft, fire or other disaster, the adult who possesses the cookies is financially responsible for the cookies. With a police report, we will work with the responsible party for a repayment schedule.

Unregistered Girls

At the end of the program, any troops with girls who participated in the program but were not registered Girl Scouts will have $25 for each girl subtracted from their troop profits

Cookie Booths

Cookie Booths are a way for Girl Scouts to learn what it’s like to  run a business—marketing, people skills and money management are all skills needed to run a booth sale.

If you haven’t yet, please watch our Cookie Booth training in gsLearn. This training will provide you all the ins and outs of what a booth sale is, the different ways obtaining a booth, how to prepare and expectations while onsite.  Here's how to access gsLearn.

In-Person Cookie Booths:

In-Person cookie booths happen at local businesses and other locations around the council. There are different options to obtain/schedule a cookie booth.

Booth Lottery
Council Lottery

Especially in high populated areas, we want to give all Girl Scouts troops an opportunity for a booth shift(s). Troops will have an opportunity to see all the booth shifts available and then submit their lottery choices. A randomized lottery will occur and troops will be notified of their shift(s). There is a lottery in place for the KC Metro (Cass, Clay, Jackson & Platte counties in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas). There is also a special lottery run in the Topeka, Kansas area as well.

Service Unit Lottery/Drawing

In some areas across our council, service unit / local leadership will obtain booth sale locations and manage the assignment of booth shift(s) in a similar manner through a randomized lottery/drawing.

How Booth Lotteries Work

The lottery’s purpose is to provide an equitable division of the most popular locations. We try to provide a wide variety of options; it’s impossible for us to secure enough locations for every troop that wants a highly rated location.

Here’s how it works:

1. Troops enter up to three entries (defined as a location + date + time)

  • Not all troops will “win” a lottery choice
  • Troops can win one spot in the lottery

2. Troops are notified via email if they won or lost. We don’t get to write the automatic messages that you receive so here’s a few notes on them:

  • If the troop isn’t awarded a booth your message will say to contact the council. You don’t need to do this; we’ll contact you the same day to attempt to find you an agreeable location.

  • Troops awarded a booth do not need to add the booth to Smart Cookies; they will be automatically loaded so the troop can use the Smart Divider and the booth will be on the Cookie Booth Finder. The Cookie Booth finder is a way for customers to search for Cookie Booths by zip code. Customers access the finder by using a free app on their smart phones or by visiting

Lottery Facts + Tips
  • The 2022 lottery opens on Jan. 3 and closes on Jan. 8 at 11:59pm

  • There is no advantage to what day you enter the lottery.

  • While we contact troops right after the lottery, the Cookie Booth function of Smart Cookies is not accessible by troops.

  • Troops outside of the six counties listed above, or Topeka, should consult their SU PPM for direction on the stores on the No Call list in their area; the list applies to ALL counties served by GSKSMO.

  • Troops located outside of the six county areas are welcome to join the lottery for locations that are destinations or places they would normally shop. (Ex: Bass Pro, Sam's Club.) We ask that you otherwise enter the lottery in the businesses in your area; retailers want to support local troops.

  • Not all stores on the No Call list will be in the lottery. Additional stores may be offered in lotteries via email; this happens when stores commit after the electronic process. As stores are added we will notify the SU where they are located.

  • No locations have been designated as "premium" in our lottery.

  • Booths earned in the lottery process will be entered into Smart Cookies for the troop.
Troop Scheduled Cookie Booths

As long as troops follow the Do Not Call List and submit for approval through Smart Cookies, troops can set up their own in-person booth sale. These locations are usually at churches, small businesses, neighborhood garage sales, etc. If you would like to discuss a potential location and aren’t sure if it can be used, email

At Home Cookie Booths
  • Cookies can be sold at home booths (think driveway or during a garage sale) if you follow these guidelines:
  • For every Girl Scout present, a parent/caregiver must be present.
  • Your local community ordnances/HOAs/etc. allow
  • Girls are in a safe location

Be sure to watch for the Cookiegram that describes this process as we near the lottery time and consult with your Service Unit Product Program Manager for more guidance on booth sales.

No Call List

Ace Hardware Stores
AMC Theatres
American Legion Independence
Andy’s Frozen Custard
Apex Climbing Gym
Apple Market    
At Home
B&B Theatres
Barnes and Noble
Bass Pro
Best Buy
Bichelmeyer Meats
Big Biscuit
Big Lots
Broadway Cafe
Burlington Coat Factory
Central Library (MO)
Costentino’s Market
Country Market
Crowley Furniture
Crown Center
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dollar General
Dollar Fresh Market
Dunkin Donuts
Euston Hardware
Family Video
First Watch
Five Below
Furniture Mall of Kansas
Go Chicken Go
Grain Valley Market
GreenAcres Market
Half Price Books
Harbor Freight Tools Hen House
Hobby Lobby
Ibex Climbing Gym
Independence Center
Independence Event Center
Jo-Ann Fabric + Craft
Kansas City River Market
Kansas City Soccer Dome
Kate's Kitchen
LL Bean
Love’s Travel Stops
Main Event
Maj-R Thrift Discount Store
Midwest Cyclery
Minsky's Pizza
Nebraska Furniture Mart
Nuts + Bolts
Office Depot/OfficeMax
Old Navy
Old Time Pottery
Payless Discount Foods
Pie Five
Planet Fitness
Price Chopper
Quik Trip
Roeland Park Dome
Sam’s Club
Silverstein Eye Center Arena
Sky Zone
Soccer Nation
Strasser Hardware/Strasser True Value Hardware
Summit Fair
Sunfresh Market
Sunrise Market
Taco Bueno
Trader Joe’s
True Value Hardware
Waffle House
Waldo Hardware
Walmart Neighborhood Market
Westlake Hardware
Zona Rosa







Booth Checklist

> Printable version

Once you have received your booth sale shift(s) or followed the guidelines to schedule your own, use this checklist to prepare for your booth:

1. Recruit girls and adults
  • Make sure they are prepared for the weather. Most booths are held outside.
  • Minimum one girl and maximum four girls at every booth. We do not allow booths without Girl Scouts. 
  • Minimum/maximum of two adults at every booth. Even if there is only one girl, we need two adults so there is always one at the table and one with the girl.
  • No tags allowed at booths.
2. Create signs and props if desirable
  • Dollar store balloons, tablecloths and décor are economical.
  • Promoting Cookie Share is a great way to show another way Girl Scouts give back!

3. Review booth etiquette with the girls
  • If a booth is inside, minimize the volume. Ask customers as they approach, do not yell. No chants, songs, cheers, etc. if the booth is inside
  • Outside booths: you may sing, cheer and chant but again, watch your volume and do not shout at customers

4. Order cookies
  • Be sure to plan ahead either ordering in your initial order or through a weekly planned order. You will then pick-up cookies from a council or service unit cupboard.
  • We estimate troops sold approximately 50 packages an hour at high traffic locations. Number of packages sold depends on what varieties you stock and if you’ve promoted the booth. Weather may play a factor as well.
  • You must have Thin Mints for your booth. Thin Mints are the no. 1 selling Girl Scout cookie (26% of our sales). You'll also want to have the top-selling varieties but plan accordingly based on average sales. Here are average sales, by variety, for our council:
Thin Mints        26%          
Peanut Butter Patties 15%
Caramel deLites 14%
Lemonades 10%
Peanut Butter Sandwich 9%
Adventurefuls* 12%
Shortbreads 6%
Toast Yays 7%
Caramel Chocolate Chip >1%

*Adventurefuls are new for 2022. We recommend you make these 12% of your mix.

5. Get change and change box
  • Get plenty of fives and tens.
  • Do not ask the retailer for change.
6. Tables, chairs and a way to move cookies
  • Some stores provide tables and chairs, but most don’t. Look to the location notes for this info.
  • You'll need a way to move the cookies from the car to the booth.
Booth Best Practices
  • If there’s a problem, misunderstanding or other issue, email and include your contact info (phone). We monitor email on weekends throughout the program.

  • Be ready to go at your start time and ready to close out at the finish, especially if you’re at a location where another troop is there before and after you.

  • Be friendly and always say thank you even if the answer is no from a potential customer.

  • Have fun but be respectful. Watch your sound volume and don’t shout at customers.

  • Girls should stay with the booth. Do not let girls wander throughout the business.

  • Leave the area better than you found it. Take all trash and supplies with you and dispose offsite. Do not jam empty case packaging in the store’s trash can.

  • Give the girls who worked the booth credit for the sales of the booth. Your troops, and ideally your caregivers, need to be transparent about how you are diving up credit for booths.

There are several ways to assign credit for booth sales. Here are the most common:

• Divide total number of packages sold by the number of girls who worked the booth.

• Add up all packages sold at booths through the season and divide by number of shifts worked.

• Make sure families know how you do this so there are no misunderstandings.

Taking Credit Card Payments at Booth Sales Not Using Smart Cookies

Virtual Booths:

Troops will have a virtual booth sales link to use if they would like to have a virtual event. Customers click the troop-specific link, pre-order, purchase online and pick up at the troop’s designated pick-up location.

SMART TIP: Combine virtual with in-person! Launch the virtual link on social media and via email, make your pick-up location your in-person cookie booth!

We will send a Cookiegram to provide more guidance on virtual cookie booths with a video as we near the booth season.

Bling your Booth is back for 2022!

This is an extra, fun contest for troops and individual Girl Scouts to show your creativity in decorating your booth and/or creating your sales video.

There will be extra Cookie Dough to earn and more prizes!

More details to come in early 2022.

Smart Cookies How-To

Support + Resources

We're here to help!

Need help? Here's how to get support:

Service Unit Product Program Manager

This is your “go to” local expert. They will be reaching out to you via email, supporting you during your service unit meetings, helping you with orders, and so much more! If you don’t know who your SU PPM is please email We can help!

Council Support

Your council Product Program and Customer Care teams are always here for you! We can help make connections, answer questions and just support you every step of the season.

mail_32 Email

Cookie Coach Zoom Sessions

Join us for a Cookie Coach session! These are Zoom chats where we will deep dive into the various logistics of the Cookie Program. See dates + topics in the Cookie Coach section of this page.


Make sure your preferred email isn't blocked from so you can receive email reminders that a new edition of the Cookiegram newsletter has been published. Once a Cookiegram is published, we will post it in the Cookiegrams section of this page for access throughout the season.

Online Training

Cookie trainings are available online through gsLearn. Instructions on how to access gsLearn are linked below. 

 How to access gsLearn

Cookie Coach Sessions

Join us for a Cookie Coach session! These are Zoom chats where we will deep dive into the various logistics of the Cookie Program. Following the live version we'll post a recording of the session here.

All sessions start at 6:00 pm.

11/30 How to add girls to Smart Cookies View recording
1/4 Placing your initial order & cookie booths View recording
1/31 Placing a planned order & transfers View recording
2/7 Cookie financials for troops and girls   View recording
2/21 General program check-in   View recording
2/28 Ordering cookie recognitions View recording
3/7 General program check-in       View recording
Printables, Forms + More
Printables + Forms
Cookie Share Signage + Social Graphics
Cookie Booth Signage + Social Graphics
Council-Provided Marketing Materials

Door Hangers and Thank You Stickers are available again this year! Check in with your Service Unit Product Program Manager (PPM) as we have mailed door hangers and thank you stickers directly to your PPM for your use.  Resources are expected to arrive in early December. Don’t know your PPM? Email and we will connect you.

From ABC Bakers

Cookie Meeting Plans

Important Program Dates
Key Dates for Troop Cookie Managers & Leaders

Late November:
Look for Smart Cookies email and register

December 6: Girls uploaded; Smart Cookies registration emails go out

December 17: Cookie Program opens

January 3: Booth Lottery opens

January 8: Booth Lottery runs

January 12: First come, first serve booth selection opens

January 14: Troop initial orders due

February 2 – 11: Initial cookie order deliveries (your SU PPM will tell you when and where!)

February 6: Weekly Planned Order Due in Smart Cookies by 9pm

February 11: Council cookie cupboards open

February 13: Weekly Planned Order Due in Smart Cookies by 9pm

February 20: Weekly Planned Order Due in Smart Cookies by 9pm

February 27: Weekly Planned Order Due in Smart Cookies by 9pm

February 28: First ACH pull from troops

March 1: Recognition orders open

March 6: Last day of Cookie Program

March 13: Troops locked out of Smart Cookies at 11:59 pm, recognition orders due

March 14: Final ACH pull from troops

Late April/Early May: Recognitions Arrive

*All dates are subject to change. Watch our Facebook page and Cookiegrams for updates