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We need your help to ensure others know about the POWER of Girl Scouts! There are so many ways to STAND UP FOR G.I.R.L.s. Let this page be your ongoing resource for ways to get involved. We’ll always be adding new opportunities, news, girl stories and more. Girls need us now more than ever before. Thank you for STANDING UP FOR G.I.R.L.s by Volunteering, Giving, Advocating and Myth Busting!

The Power of Girl Scouts for Girls

Now, more than ever, girls face unique challenges in school, social settings and as they enter the work place. Our proven Girl Scout program is based on years of research about girls’ development and is designed to: 

  • Close the confidence gap (research is clear – it starts for girls at age 6, when they start to believe that they are less capable than boys, and it accelerates in middle school and continues through college); 
  • Develop and fortify girls’ belief in their identities as leaders; 
  • Inoculate girls against the constant drum of media that tells them they must be perfect and sexually desirable; and 
  • Strengthen them to stand up to the peer pressure and bullying that girls experience starting in elementary school.
Learn More & Share the POWERFUL Girl Scout Stories

At Girl Scouts, G.I.R.L.s (Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-takers & Leaders) are the STARS! Girl Scouts across our 47 counties do tremendous things including serving others with life-changing service projects, traveling the world, taking on the biggest adventures in the outdoors, putting their innovator skills into action with hands-on STEM experiences and so much more. Here’s some nice highlights and be sure to always stay up to date by following our social media.

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At Girl Scouts, we know that when girls are given the opportunity, they change the world. Your gift helps girls learn to be safe, think for themselves, and lead the way for others. Imagine what an entire generation of girls can do, given confidence, skills and preparation to lead. 100% of your donation will go to support girls in the communities of NE Kansas & NW Missouri. Learn more

Questions? Contact a member of our philanthropy team at or (816) 759-3057.


As a volunteer, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences that show them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. Our volunteer opportunities range from year-long commitments like being a troop leader to short commitments like supporting during an event or for a community recruitment event. Learn more.

Join the Power of 52 Challenge

The Power of 52 Challenge is a year-long initiative to get more SUPER COOL adults engaged in our many short-term volunteer opportunities. 52 Weeks in a Year + 52 Hours of Impacting the Lives of Girls = YOU!


G.I.R.L.s need you! There are so many ways to get involved in this area:

  • Further the story of what it means to be a Girl Scout. Use the Girl Scout Difference materials and share what it means to be a Girl Scout
  • Live on a busy intersection or near a school? Post a Girl Scout Strong Yard Sign at your location. We will gladly provide you a yard sign. Just email

  • Share your Girl Scout story via social media using #BecauseofGirlScouts
  • Got a story? Hear a myth that needs to be busted? Let us know how we can work together. Drop us all the details today!