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Fri Nov 05, 5:45 PM - 9:15 PM CST
Wed Sep 08, 5:05 PM - Fri Oct 15, 5:05 PM CST
Community Partner
KC Metro Area
Maximum Attendance:

Terracon and Science City are partnering on the 3rd annual LIVE STEAM, an event that provides girls the opportunity to explore the world of STEAM through experiences focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Hands-on workshops and activity stations are presented by local educators, professionals and organizations focusing on how they live STEAM in both their professional and personal lives. This event is intended to support, encourage and inspire interest in STEAM careers among girls as they prepare for a lifetime of leadership in STEAM fields. Girls will select their top three choices of workshops.

Workshops include:

  1. Food Too Good To Waste – Anyone up for a game of Compost Rummy? Join us in this workshop to have some fun while learning how the art of composting really works. Compost, mulch and top soil are beneficial in more ways than you know!

  2. May the Force (of Water) be With You – In a galaxy far, far away…participants in the workshop will work in groups to design and create landscapes with houses and buildings. See how the force of water runs through the landscape and then make changes to the landscapes in order to reduce flooding, erosion and pollution.

  3. Get Drawn Into Art – Art is in the eye of the beholder. Join Monkey Brain Art to learn specific techniques on how to draw a still life with various pencils, pens, and brushes. Then discuss during the class how to pursue art as not only a life-long hobby, but as a career.

  4. The History of Missouri’s Shallow Sea - Millions of years ago over several geologic time periods the central United States was covered in a shallow inland sea. Now the limestone bedrock of Missouri contains fossils of many small sea creatures. In this workshop you will learn about the shallow sea and the most common trace fossil in Missouri, the Crinoid. Look at many rock specimens that contain crinoids and other sea fossils.

  5. Critters of the Midwest Adapt and Survive! - Learn about insects, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles of the Midwest and how they use their unique traits to survive in different habitats. You will be investigating specimens, pelts, and critters and learn about how you can help protect local native species.

  6. Be a Software Developer, an IT Professional! - In this workshop you’ll be introduced to requirement analysis, planning, design, testing and deployment of high-quality Software. All big words but not to fear! You will learn about the life cycle of software development by building your own app.

  7. How Does Your Garden Grow? - Have you ever wondered how a plant gets it flowers? How does a flower drink water? How does your garden grow? During this workshop you will learn how a seed turns into a plant and then produces flowers. You will start and take home your own mini greenhouse, so you can watch a little magic happen at home!

  8. Breathe IN…Breathe OUT – With meditative music playing, you will learn about health science and how important wellness and self-care are to the mind AND body in this workshop. Learn some meditative practices and helpful yoga poses. Namaste.

  9. Abandoned Turkey Creek – A Geological Look – In this workshop you will discuss the geologic history of downtown Kansas City and the formation of the abandoned Turkey Creek ice-margin channel. Geological classification methods will be used to observe real rock core samples. Learn how to use magnification, hand tools, diluted hydrochloric acid, and color charts to be able to classify rocks.

  10. Queen of the Waste Hierarchy – What happens to stuff once it leaves your house? In this workshop you will discuss the waste hierarchy of everyday things and play some fun games to show that refusing, reducing, and reusing should all come before recycling. Learn about the Climate Action Plan in Kansas City and take home some helpful tips to encourage you to consume less in your everyday lives.

  11. Life Sciences – What Can You Do? - What kind of career can someone have in the Life Sciences? In this workshop you will rotate through stations and "DO" science from different career fields in the life sciences. Be prepared to use your senses and maybe get a little wet or dirty and have fun as you dig INTO the life sciences!

  12. Robots and Circuits and Dancing, Oh My! - Join us for an introduction to electrical circuits where you will build your own circuit using a battery, a motor and 3D-printed "autonomous bug" then watch it dance! After your project is complete, you will have the opportunity to drive a remote-controlled robot similar to the ones the Astromechs use in their competitions.

  13. Scouting the Universe - Learn about space sciences in Science City’s Science on a Sphere exhibit! Girl Scouts will learn how space sciences and women in the field have changed our view of our world. Work together in teams to design "space" balloon payloads and then test them to land safely in Science City.

  14. All Systems A Go – Our Amazing Bodies - Have you thought about how your body works? How do you digest food, breathe, run? How does your heart work? In this workshop, you will learn about systems in our bodies, how they interact, and how we can make sure to keep them working well!

Cost Per Girl: $8

*This event is SOLD OUT! 

Registration Deadline: Oct. 15

Additional Information: 

Event will be a Union Station at 30 W Pershing Road Kansas City, MO 64108

· $5 per car for parking. Please park in the west parking garage at Union Station.
· This is not a drop-off event, but parents and Troop Leaders will be encouraged to stay close in Science City and/or Union Station. Bring a book and grab a coffee! We will have a room set aside for caregivers to hang out and charge your phones if needed. There will be an opportunity to join your girl for the secod portion of the evening.

Girls will receive fun swag and two patches!

Media may be present at the event, so photo opt-out is not an option.

Covid protocol: Union Station follow local KCMO Covid regulations. Masks will be required indoors, regardless as to if that is a current KCMO regulation.

Badge Connections: Depending on the workshop girls are placed in, some Juniors will earn steps towards Junior Badge: STEM Career Exploration, Junior Badge: Programming Robots, Junior Badge: Designing Robots, Junior Badge: Staying Fit, Junior Badge: Space Science Investigator, Junior Badge: Gardener, Junior Badge: Flowers, Junior Badge: App Development, Junior Badge: Animal Habitats, Junior Badge: Drawing
Journey Connections: Junior Journey:Think Like an Engineer, Junior Journey: Think Like a Citizen Scientist, Junior Journey: Get Moving!

About this Partner: Terracon is an employee-owned engineering consulting firm with more than 4,500 employees providing environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials services from more than 150 offices with services available in all 50 states. The Terracon Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Terracon, collaborates with organizations such as Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) to advance girls in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), building girls' confidence and competency, as well as teaching them the importance of STEAM in today's society.