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Tall Oaks

The Tall Oaks Camp & Conference Center serves and cares for guests in ways that allows them to develop their personal strengths. We provide facilities, services, and programs that foster personal growth, relaxation, leadership formation and learning. 

Address: 12778 189th St, Linwood, KS 66052



Tall Oaks: Wilderness Camp Night

  Junior     Cadette 
Fri Apr 24, 5:00 PM - Sat Apr 25, 6:00 PM CST

Badge Connections: Junior Eco Camper, Junior Animal Habitats, Junior Camper, Junior Trail Adventure, Cadette Trail Adventurer, Cadette Eco Trekker, Cadette Night Owl, Cadette Primitive Camper
Journey Connections: Junior



Oak & Saddle Equestrian Program

    Brownie      Junior      Cadette      Senior      Ambassador 

The Oak & Saddle Equestrian Program is designed to identify the elements of good horsemanship in ways that can be applied to other relationships in our everyday lives.

The horses serve guests as an extension of the outdoor experience that Tall Oaks is most noted for. A relaxing ride through the trails of Tall Oaks will melt the tensions that harried adult lives tend to bring on. Youngsters achieve personal confidence by climbing aboard one of the majestic mustangs and experiencing the challenge of communicating the steps of a task using their natural aids. Bodies and minds flex and grow as a result of participating in this wholesome activity.

Cost Per Girl: Varies

How to Register: ​Contact Barb Deaver at 913.301-3004 or

Learn more on their website!

Badge Connections: Junior Horseback Riding

Reminder: If you choose to visit a horseback riding facility that is not listed as a community partner, please complete the Activity and Trip Application at least 6 week prior to the activity!