Woodson Hill Equestrian Center
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Woodson Hill Equestrian Center

Woodson Hill Equestrian Center is a full-service boarding facility on ten acres in suburban Kansas City, Missouri. 

Address: 7990 NW Mace Road, Kansas City, MO 64152

How to register: Please review GSKSMO's registration requirements before registering. Contact Elizabeth Knechtel at 816-673-5254 or elizabethmknechtel@gmail.com.

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Sessions will enable girls to experience horses and horseback riding with a CHA certified instructor, year-round in our beautiful indoor and outdoor arenas. At the start of the each session, participants will put on helmets provided by WHEC and participate in a safety orientation of both the barn and working around horses. Upon completion, participants will be paired up with another participant to learn about/or review grooming and saddling, then work together on their assigned horse. Participants will then move to the arena for one and a half hours of leading, riding and observing riders in action, with each girl riding for approximately 45 minutes. Also at this time, the girls will be learning additional horse related information based upon their age/level.

Cost: Programs for Brownies through Seniors are $35 per girl for a 3 hour session

Information for Troop Leaders 

  • Maximum of 12 girls per session, larger troops can be divided into two sessions on the same day.
  • Troop leader and parents may be asked to help with the activity. 
  • The troop certified first-aider must remain with the troop during the activity. 
  • Only registered Girl Scouts may take part in horseback riding. 
  • Parents must sign WHEC Liability Release Form and bring the day of the session (troop leader collect all before the event).

What to Wear/Bring
Long pants
Closed-toe shoes, preferably with a heel
Dress for the weather
Water bottle and a snack
Tie hair back from face in a low ponytail
*Helmets will be provided

Areas to be covered at each age/level:
All ages/levels will learn (or review) basic riding skills, including how to: lead, mount/dismount, how to make a horse go/stop/back, ride at the walk and jog.

Safety rules
Body parts (simple)
History of the horse/Famous horses
Types of tack (grooming tools, saddles, bridles)
Feeding Treats (snacks that are safe to feed to horses)

Juniors: (will review and build upon information learned as Brownies)
Body parts (detailed)
Face and leg markings
Riding Styles/Disciplines 
Horse care (feeding and housing)
Feet care/Farrier
Health (ailments/diseases)
Cleaning a stall

Cadettes and older: (will review and build upon information learned as Brownies/Juniors)
Career Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
Fashion/Function (correct clothing for different disciplines)
Health (knowing normal/abnormal vital signs and how to take them)
Confirmation (and how it can effect function and use)

Badge Connections: Junior Badge: Horseback Riding

Outcomes: Develops a strong sense of self. Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks. Forms and maintains healthy relationships.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.

Reminder: If you choose to visit a horseback riding facility that is not listed as a community partner, please complete the Activity and Trip Application at least 6 week prior to the activity!