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MOCSA exists to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse and sexual assault and prevent sexual violence in our community.

Location: Will come to troop meetings in Jackson, Platte, Clay and Cass Counties in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas

Cost Per Girl: All workshops are free, but donations are encouraged to cover supplies and mileage. 
Cost Per Adult: N/A

Registration Requirements: All girls participating as a Girl Scout in this activity must be registered Girl Scout members. If attending as a troop, all volunteers also need to be registered members and/or have completed and approved background checks. If non-registered individuals (adults or tags) are allowed to participate in this activity supplemental insurance is required. Use the Insurance Purchase Form to purchase insurance at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Completed forms can be emailed to

Additional Information: Please note that these workshops could be considered sensitive topics.  Parent permission will need to be received using the Sensitive Topic Permission Slip prior to the workshop.

While an age range has been assigned for the topics, all workshops can be adapted. We can include or remove certain topics depending on the need of the troop. Troops are also welcome to schedule more than one workshop if they would like to cover more than one topic.

How to Register: ​Contact the Coordinator of Education & Outreach Services at 816-931-4527 or



Project Aware

 Daisy   Brownie   Junior

​This workshop educates girls on body safety including what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, identifying trusted adults, understanding the difference between good, bad and confusing touches and more. The workshop is available in English and Spanish. 

Badge Connections: Daisy Petal: Mari: Responsible for What I Say and Do, Daisy Petal: Gloria: Respect Myself and Others, Brownie My Best Self

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships


Students learn the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships by taking a closer look at personal relationships.  Communication, respect, abuse, and boundaries are discussed.

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Journey Connections: Cadette aMAZE!


Sexual Harassment


Students learn about the types of sexual harassment, the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, and what to do if sexual harassment happens.  Students also learn about internet harassment, cyber bullying and sexting.

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Journey Connections: Cadette aMAZE!


Bystander Engagement


Students learn about the importance of bystanders in situations that lead to violence and bullying.  Prevention and intervention tips, victim support, and reporting abuse are discussed.

Length: 45 – 60 minutes.

Journey Connections: Cadette aMAZE!


Safety in Relationships

 Senior   Ambassador

Students learn about the cycle of violence and power and control in abusive relationships, as well as how to identify healthy and safe relationships.  Discussion topics include warning signs, defining relationship boundaries, and supporting friends in an abusive relationship.

Length: 45 – 90 minutes

Badge Connections: Senior Women’s Health Badge
Journey Connections: Senior MISSION: SISTERHOOD!, Senior GIRLtopia


Consent & Sexual Assault

 Senior   Ambassador

Students learn about consent and sexual assault.  Discussion topics include facts and myths, the impact of sexual assault, intervention tips, and what to do if sexual assault happens.

Length: 45 – 90 minutes.

Badge Connections: Senior Women’s Health
Journey Connections: Senior MISSION: SISTERHOOD!, Senior GIRLtopia


Gender & Violence

 Senior   Ambassador

Students learn about common gender stereotypes and their relationship to sexual violence.  Discussion topics include the role the media plays in creating gender stereotypes and how gender stereotypes impact personal identity and relationships.

Length: 45 – 90 minutes

Badge Connections: Senior Women’s Health Badge
Journey Connections: Senior MISSION: SISTERHOOD!, Senior GIRLtopia