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Climate Council

Our mission is to educate, partner, and advocate for solutions that reverse global warming.

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Sustainable Living Series

 Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

The Sustainable Living Series is a series of five workshops that provide tips and tools to live a sustainable lifestyle.  Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of daily living, exploring specific solutions that improve your health, save you money, support your community, and protect the environment.

The first workshop (Sustainable Living) is an overview that summarizes the concepts presented in all the remaining workshops.  The remaining workshops – Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Mobility, and Sustainable Fashion – are deep dives into that specific sector.

Sustainable Living: How To Reverse Global Warming

Sustainable Living explores the step we as individuals and communities can take to reverse global warming.  Starting with a simple explanation of the interaction between global warming, climate change and greenhouse gases, we'll explore all aspects of our daily lives and the simple choices we can make to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Energy: The Environmental Impact of What We Plug In

Our energy choices account for 41% of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how you and your community can plug into the latest renewable energy options and how simple choices can lower your energy costs and help you live sustainably.

Sustainable Food: The Environmental Impact of What We Eat

Agriculture accounts for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how your daily food choices can reverse global warming, improve your health, help you live longer and improve the economy. You don't have to be vegan to make a difference.

Sustainable Mobility: The Environmental Impact of How We Get There

Transportation accounts for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Simple choices in how we get from one place to another have a major impact on our environment and our health. Learn about the growing number of transportation options and how your daily choices effect your health, your pocketbook, your community, and the planet.

Sustainable Fashion: The Environmental Impact of What We Wear

The industrial sector accounts for 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The fashion industry accounts for 39% of all industrial emissions and an even larger amount of industrial pollution. Learn how fast fashions are devastating the planet and how you can make simple choices to protect the environment and your wallet, while staying on trend and in style.

Additional info: 

  • Each workshop can be schedule by itself, or the workshops can be scheduled as a series.
  • All workshops are presented via Zoom teleconferencing. These events are for GSKSMO registered Girl Scouts only.
  • If your troop doesn’t have at least ten girls attending, you can either find more Girl Scouts from another troop, or you can still attend, but there will be a cost.

Cost per girl: Free

Please be a sister to our Girl Scout partners. Our partners invest staff and financial resources to provide unique Girl Scout programming at no cost to our girls and their families/troops. This is one of those special opportunities. In order for our partners to continue offering low-cost and free programming to Girl Scouts, please notify them as soon as possible if you can no longer attend.

How to register: How to Register: ​Please review GSKSMO's registration requirements before registering. Email questions and scheduling requests to:

Badge & Journey Connections: Senior Badge: Locavore, Senior Badge: Textile Artist, Cadette Badge: Eco Trekker, Ambassador Badge: Eco Advocate, Senior Badge: Eco Explorer, Senior Journey: Sow What?, Cadette Journey: Breathe

Outcomes:  Displays positive values, Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout outcomes.