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CommunityAmerica Credit Union

People over profits. CommunityAmerica is all about helping its members achieve financial peace of mind. Supporting local nonprofit organizations making an impact in the KC community is also an essential part of CommunityAmerica. It is one of the largest credit unions in the country, and one of the top 10 Kansas City-based financial institutions offering a full suite of financial products to individuals and business.

Location: Online 

How to register:  Please review GSKSMO's registration requirements before registering. 

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We Got This Girl Scouts!  Join CommunityAmerica on this journey to support Girl Scouts in this pandemic and learn all about helpful tools.

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Virtual Financial Literacy Badge Activities

 Daisy   Cadette

These fabulous female interns are sharing their financial literacy knowledge with you! Their passion is to help other females become empowered to make wise financial decisions and stand on their own two feet. These videos are resources that can be viewed at any time at home or during a troop meeting, and worksheets can be completed as you have time.

Here are the links to the videos and worksheets for your badges:

  • Daisy Count It Up: VideoWorksheet

  • Daisy Money Counts (Covers badge steps 1-2): Video

  • Cadette Business Plan (Covers badge steps 1-5): Video | Worksheet

  • Cadette Financing My Dreams  (Girls will need to do activities described in video. Covers badge steps 1-5): Video

  • Cadette Comparison Shopping (Girls will need to do activities described in video, Covers badge steps 1-5): Video

  • Cadette Marketing (Girls will need to do activities described in video, Covers badge steps 1, 3, and 5): Video | Worksheet 1 | Worksheet 2 | Worksheet 3

  • Cadette Think Big: Video | Worksheet

If you would like additional help completing the rest of the badge steps, please reach out to

After watching the videos and completing the worksheet, girls will complete some, if not all badge steps. This class is for GSKSMO registered Girl Scouts only. 

Materials Needed: You will need access to the internet and the ability to print out the worksheets. 

Additional Info: Girls can purchase their completed badge by visiting  

Cost per person: Free

Badge Connections: Cadette: Business Plan, Cadette: Think Big, Cadette: Financing My Dreams, Cadette: Comparison Shopping, Cadette: Marketing, Daisy: Money Counts, Daisy: Count It Up

Outcomes: Develops a strong sense of self, Displays positive values, Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks. Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.