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ENO Metalworks

ENO Metalworks & Casting LLC seeks to provide art workshops and events in the areas of traditional jewelry making (metalsmithing) and fine arts (painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, etc.) to people of all ages. The goal is to empower the individual in a fun and creative way while developing their unique form of self-expression and valuable life skills.

Address: 1219 Union Ave, Kansas City, MO 64101

Time: Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons and evenings, Saturdays and Sundays (anytime). Workshops last approximately 2 hours.

Registration Requirements:  All girls participating as a Girl Scout in these activities must be registered Girl Scout members. If attending as a troop, all volunteers also need to be registered members and/or have completed and approved background checks. If non-registered individuals (adults or tags) are allowed to participate in this activity supplemental insurance is required. Use the Insurance Purchase Form to purchase insurance at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Completed forms can be emailed to programapprovals@gsksmo.org.

How to Register: ​Contact Sydney Pener at sydneypener@gmail.com or (816) 718-6510.

Additional Info: Street parking, 2nd floor, so there are quite a few steps up to art studio. Please notify me if any individual has special needs or certain accommodations. Please wear close-toed shoes, cotton jeans or pants and bring hair clip accessories and rubber bands to secure hair back. Ideal group size is 8-10 but can accommodate up to 15 girls. For a larger troop, back to back sessions can be scheduled.

After the event, share your one-of-a-kind piece of art with us to be included in the GSKSMO Virtual Art Show!  



Decorative Stamped Jewelry Charms 

   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

​Create personalized ID charms and/or a cuff bracelet that incorporates your chosen stamped words, patterns and symbols to honor a person, place or event in your life or stamp your power word. This workshop will teach you about basic jewelry hand tools, their usage and safety and traditional metalworking techniques in order to create your very own handmade jewelry for yourself or as great gifts for friends and family! You will learn: letter stamping, decorative wire stamping, hammer texturing, and metal forming.

Cost: $20 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Junior Jeweler

Handmade Silver Band Rings

 Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

Create your very own Sterling Silver band ring by stamping a special name, date or word into the metal or utilize texturing techniques to decorate. This workshop will teach you about basic hand tools, their usage and safety, and metalworking techniques. You will learn: sawing, stamping, ring forming, soldering and basic finishing techniques (filing, sanding and polishing).

Cost: $30 per person (girls and participating adults)


Jewelry Cast Charms

 Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

This workshop introduces gravity casting and other metalsmithing techniques to create one-of-a-kind cast jewelry pendants. Teens will have a fun and engaging experience making wearable metal jewelry creations while developing skills that will introduce them to future career paths. This workshop will teach basic hand tools, their usage and safety and metalworking techniques of metal melting, casting, sawing, silver soldering and basic finishing techniques (filing, sanding and polishing).

Cost: $20 per person (girls and participating adults)

Collage Artist Cards

   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

Create mini works of art using watercolor paper and playing cards as your canvas. We will investigate and explore the history of artist collage to use print images, words, papers, found objects, and paint to express your inner creativity.  Make several art cards, trade with others, give away to family and friends and start your own collection!

Cost: $15 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Senior Collage

Explore the World of Mixed Media Collage

   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

Using acrylic paints and collage materials, we will explore the abstract visual world of accident and doodle. Let go of expectations to discover what is unique about a visual adventure in integrating a variety of materials, discarded and recycled with paint to explore the creative process. In this workshop, we’ll take a broad view of abstraction, expression and composition.

The term “improvisation” is described for this approach because it is very much like playing a solo in jazz: In a typical jazz solo, the musician makes up a melody as he or she goes along, over a set of chord changes that define the song. We’ll begin with an improv gluing of materials. Using this as a foundation, we’ll compose-as-you-go in paint and collage to create an expression of this experience, time and place.

Cost: $15 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Senior Collage
Journey Connections: Senior MISSION: SISTERHOOD

Handmade Time Capsule Memory Boxes

 Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

Design and build a time capsule collage memory box to honor a person, place, event or time in your life for you or for someone special.  Please bring special keepsakes and mementos, beads, found objects, pictures (or color copies best) and any containers, cigar boxes, tins, etc. to utilize as a box form.  We will have available some containers, wood, tools and miscellaneous art supplies in order for you to create a finished art project. You will receive instruction with processes in paint, designing, and hand tools.

Cost: $20 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Cadette Woodworker, Senior Collage

Folk Art Sculpture

 Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

This workshop will expose participants to folk artists and artists working in the realm of 3-Dimensional art.  Build sculptural art with mixed media, wood, metal and found objects.  Please bring anything you find interesting and intriguing to share or incorporate into your art, i.e. -extra hardware parts, small objects, fabric, junk drawer items, wood scraps, really anything under the sun.  We will have available wood, tools, found objects, some machines and miscellaneous art supplies and hand tools in order for you to create a finished art project.   

Cost: $20 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Cadette Woodworker

Explorations in Drawing

   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of drawing while observing and studying traditional still life forms, such as fruit, flowers, and picture visuals.  From gestural drawings, composition, shading, line quality, form development and tonality, you will learn the basics to capture the world around you on paper.

Cost: $15 per person (girls and participating adults)

Badge Connections: Junior Drawing