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Harvesters Kansas City

Harvesters mobilizes the power of our community to provide equitable access to nutritious food and address the root causes and impact of hunger.

Address: 3801 Topping Ave, Kansas City, MO 64129

How to register: Please review GSKSMO's registration requirements before registering. Fill out the Group Request Form.

Questions: Contact Harvesters at or 816-929-3090 to register your troop.


Giving Parade Collection Drive

  All Levels 
Sat Nov 5, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

What better way to celebrate Girl Scouts’ founder Juliette Low than with a service project that helps hungry families, children, and seniors right here in your community! Plus, you’ll earn an awesome fun patch! All you must do is complete these three steps by October 31.

Step 1: Learn about food insecurity.  Join us for a 30-minute virtual experience where you’ll learn about who is hungry in our community, how widespread the issue is and what you can do to help Harvesters solve this problem.

Please register your troop for a hunger education session by completing this form.

Daisy/Brownie Sessions

  • Sat Oct 1, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Thu Oct 13, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Sat Oct 22,  2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Thu Oct 27, 6:30 PM - 7 PM

Junior-Ambassador Sessions

  • Thu Oct 6, 5:0 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Sat Oct 15, 9:30 AM - 10 AM
  • Thu Oct 20, 6:30 PM - 7 PM
  • Sat Oct 29, 2:30 PM - 3 PM

Step 2: Collect the contents for one Holiday Box.  Collect the following items to create a Holiday Box for Harvesters to distribute to a family who needs a helping hand this holiday season. 

Step 3: Drop off your collected items at the Giving Parade or set up a time to drop off at Harvesters.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW for the Giving Parade. 

Outcomes: Displays positive values, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.

Sort & Repackage Volunteer Opportunity

 Brownie   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador   

Sort and repackage donated product in Harvesters Volunteer Engagement Center (VEC). Your efforts will contribute to the distribution of more than three million pounds of donated food and household supplies each month. We depend on volunteers to get donations into our community quickly and efficiently. Together, we are helping hungry children, seniors and families in our community. All volunteer sessions are scheduled on a reservation basis. Must be eight years or older to participate.

Additional info: 

  • Wear shoes with a closed toe and heel. Harvesters no longer provides Crocs.
  • All volunteers must be 8 years or older
    • Volunteers ages 8-15 must have an adult chaperone
    • Groups must meet the following ratios:
      • 8-11 year olds: one adult per five youth
      • 12-15 year olds: one adult per 10 youth
      • Bring at least two chaperones so that the group is never unattended in the VEC. 
      • If you have youth in two different age groups, bring enough adults to meet the ratio for the youngest participants
    • If your original number does not include adults, or does not meet the adult to child ratio, let us know your updated number of volunteers.
  • To be prepared no matter what the level of community transmission, we encourage all volunteers and visitors to be prepared to wear a mask when coming to our facility to volunteer.

Outcomes: Displays positive values, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.  

Healthy Family Meal Kits

 All Levels

Healthy Family Meal Kits provide all the necessary ingredients for an easy, complete nutritious meal for children and families in need in our community. Each box includes enough ingredients to make 8 servings, as well as a recipe card.  

How It Works
The Family Meal Box program has two components:  a food or fund drive followed by a volunteer activity. 

Food/Fund Drive: 
Each box needs to include all of the items for one recipe listed below for the box to be complete. Collecting items in bulk or asking several volunteers to purchase food in bulk after collecting monetary donations works very well for this drive.    

Volunteer Activity: 
At the end of your food drive, coordinate with Harvesters to receive boxes, recipe cards, and  “THIS BOX WAS PACKED BY…” cards.   Then, your volunteers will spend 1-2 hours packing the individual boxes so they can be easily transported back to our facility for distribution.  

Additional info: Harvesters provides the boxes, recipe cards, recipe labels, and “This box was packed by…” cards. The participants provide the ingredients to complete the chosen recipe.  Recipes can be found here.

Outcomes: Displays positive values, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.  

Fight Hunger Patch Project

 All Levels

The Fight Hunger Patch Project is an opportunity for Girl Scouts of all ages to learn about hunger as a contemporary issue. Girls will be encouraged to take on activities that engage, educate, and empower them to fight hunger in their community. Fight Hunger is a progressive patch program; girls may participate at every level of their Girl Scouting experience. Girls complete a Hunger Workshop and activities in three focus areas: 

  • Nutrition: Earning this patch requires girls to learn about healthy eating and the relationship between hunger and health.
  • Food Waste: This patch promotes an understanding of food loss and food waste, helping scouts determine what they can do at an individual/small group level as opposed to what needs to change systematically.
  • Choices: To earn this patch, girls must examine the difficult choices facing those who are food insecure and the many ways hunger is multifaceted. 

Visit the Harvesters website for additional details and how to get started.

Badge/Petal Connections:  Daisy Petal: Make the World a Better Place, Daisy Petal: Considerate and Caring, Daisy Petal: Friendly and Helpful

Journey Connections: Brownie Journey: Brownie Quest, Junior Journey: Agent of Change, Senior Journey: GIRLtopia, Ambassador Journey: Your Voice Your World

Outcomes: Develops a strong sense of self, Displays positive values, Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks, Forms and maintains healthy relationships, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.  

Handmade Greeting Cards

 Daisy   Brownie   Junior

Each month, Harvesters distributes nearly 5,000 CSFP food boxes to food insecure seniors. These boxes include shelf stable items like cereal, pasta, canned vegetables, and juices. Please help us share an upbeat messages in each one of these boxes. You can scrapbook or decorate a card and include a handwritten, up-beat message. Any quantity of cards will gladly be accepted. Please review our list of guidelines before creating your cards.

Completed cards can be mailed or delivered to Harvesters Community Engagement at 3801 Topping Ave., Kansas City, MO 64129.

Outcomes: Displays positive values, Learns to identify and solve problems in her community.
Learn more about the 5 Girl Scout Outcomes.