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Kansas Children's Discovery Center

The Discovery Center's 15,708 sq. ft. building is nestled within 4.5 wooded acres of Topeka's Gage Park, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration and discovery. Guests of the Discovery Center can learn and play in a safe and fun educational environment.

Address: 4400 SW 10th Ave Topeka, KS 66604

How to register: Please review GSKSMO's registration requirements before registering. Contact STEAM Education Manager, Caitlin Luttjohann at 785-783-8300 or



Check out the Discover Center's website for at-home project ideas and more!

Badge Connections: Junior Badge: Staying Fit, Daisy Badge: Outdoor Art Maker, Brownie Badge: Outdoor Art Creator, Junior Badge: Outdoor Art Explorer, Brownie Badge: Senses, Junior Badge: Digital Photographer, Cadette Badge: Digital Movie Maker, Brownie Badge: Home Scientist, Brownie Badge: Painting, Brownie Badge: Fling Flyer Design Challenge, Daisy Badge: What Robots Do, Daisy Badge: How Robots Move, Junior Badge: Animal Habitats, Daisy Badge: Roller Coaster Design Challenge, Brownie Badge: Pets

Journey Connections: Daisy Journey: Think Like an Engineer, Brownie Journey: Think Like an Engineer, Junior Journey: Think Like an Engineer, Cadette Journey: Breathe, Junior Journey: GET MOVING!