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St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue

Our group's mission is to support all aspects of work done by the Animal Shelter Staff. This includes working to increase animal adoption and redemption rates while minimizing the number of euthanized animals; educating our community regarding animal care and welfare issues; and helping care for the medical needs of all sick and injured animals that come through the Animal Shelter.

Address: 701 SW Lower Lake Rd, St Joseph, MO 64504

Cost Per Girl: N/A 
Cost Per Adult: N/A

Registration Requirements: All girls participating as a Girl Scout in these activities must be registered Girl Scout members. If attending as a troop, all volunteers also need to be registered members and/or have completed and approved background checks. If non-registered individuals (adults or tags) are allowed to participate in this activity supplemental insurance is required. Use the Insurance Purchase Form to purchase insurance at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Completed forms can be emailed to

How to Register/Questions: Contact Jennifer Lockwood at Please allow two weeks to schedule visit.



Support Our Pets Spring Collection Drive

All levels

St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue is a municipal shelter with a limited budget. Donated items help us provide our shelter pets with a better quality of life while they are in our care and help support the programs we have to enrich the lives of pets. Some examples are our enrichment protocol for dogs where every day we give them something to do while they are in their kennels (frozen/stuffed kongs, nylabones, peanut butter covered frisbees) and our Puppies for Parole program which relies entirely on donations and funds from our volunteer group Friends of the Animal Shelter. We believe all pets in our care deserve the best we are capable of giving them with the resources we have available. Please see our Wish List for a complete list of items that the shelter needs.

Troops are invited to drop off their donations between April 13 and May 9. Please contact Jennifer Lockwood to schedule a time in advance. Girls will have the opportunity to learn about the shelter, take a tour of the facility and possibly have playtime with a puppy or kitten. Content related to the Brownie Pets Badge or Daisy 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey can be incorporated into this time.    

Additional info: Parking can be congested. Carpooling is recommended when visiting the shelter.

Cost: N/A

Badge/Journey Connections: Brownie Badge: Pets, Daisy Journey: 5 Flowers 4 Stories 3 Cheers for Animals!

Safe and Sound 


Girl Scout Daisies are invited to the animal shelter for a program designed around the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, and 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. Daisies will learn the five basic freedoms of animals and how to care for animals and how an animal shelter works.

They will investigate a mock animal control complaint and identify which animals needs are not being met. Program also includes a tour of the animal shelter and a live interaction with a few animals. Daisies are encouraged to come with questions they may have about animal shelters/animal care.


Happy and Healthy Pets


Brownies will learn:

  • Humans have a responsibility to fulfill the basic needs of animals. We will identify some of those in detail
  • How an animal shelter operates and how it helps their community
  • The five basic freedoms of animals
  • How to keep a pet happy, healthy and feeling loved.
  • Discuss being safe around animals

Girls will get to tour the shelter and visit with a live shelter animal. Girls are encouraged to bring questions they have about animal care, safety, or the animal shelter. Brownies will complete steps 2, 4, and 5 of their Pets badge.

Badge Connections: Brownie Pets