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Habitat for Humanity: Lawrence

Sat Jan 01, 12:00 AM - 12:01 AM
Habitat for Humanity: Lawrence
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Lawrence Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that believes everyone deserves to live in safe, decent and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, community, and hope. They are eager to work with your troop and discover the best way to enhance your journey with Girl Scouts! Workshops are only offered in Douglas & Jefferson counties.

For additional service activities please follow this link.

Location: Lawrence Habitat for Humanity located at 720 Connecticut St., Lawrence, KS 66044 or Maddie will come to your meetings (distance permitting).

Registration Requirements:  All girls participating as a Girl Scout in these activities must be registered Girl Scout members. If attending as a troop, all volunteers also need to be registered members and/or have completed and approved background checks. If non-registered individuals (adults or tags) are allowed to participate in this activity supplemental insurance is required. Use the Insurance Purchase Form to purchase insurance at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Completed forms can be emailed to

Questions/How to Register: Contact Logan Morley, Community Outreach Coordinator at or 785-832-0777. Maddie will talk with troop leader beforehand to review the event in order to best cater it to your troop’s needs!

Current partner programs are listed below.

A World of Girls Journey Workshop


​Habitats of Girls Around the World: Troops will investigate the different styles of homes around the world and compare them to their own homes by answering questions like “What is home?” and “How do you make a house a home?” and “What is every girl’s habitat?” Girls will gain a better understanding of homes in their community, homes around the world, and what affordable housing means and looks like. Activities include “Tell Your Story, Tell Theirs.”

Cost Per Girl: $5 
Cost Per Adult: N/A

Agent of Change Workshop


​Building Community One Home at a Time: Troops will enhance their community mapping skills while learning more about housing needs within their own community. The girls hear stories of Habitat’s inspiring homeowners and learn about the journey that brought them to Habitat for Humanity and how their life has changed since moving into a safe, decent and affordable home. Habitat staff will help girls learn the difference between service (helping with immediate need) and action (solving problems in long-term) as it relates to poverty and housing issues. Other activities include “How Far Words Travel,” “The Many Faces of Need”.

Cost Per Girl: $6 
Cost Per Adult: N/A

Get Moving Journey


How “Green” is Your Habitat? Troops will enhance their understanding of their carbon footprint, conserving energy and energy use in their home. Girls will do home-based activities like “Create a List”, and “Turn Everything Off” to help them get an idea of what their energy “norms” are, versus their energy “needs.” The girls can take a tour of a Habitat home that is “Energy Star” approved, along with a build site that is in the process of building an energy efficient home.

Girls can also learn about reusing and recycling in a different light than the usual plastic bottle salvaging. Troops can visit Habitat ReStore and see how objects that are usually throw away can be re-used and recycled for craft projects and other household ventures.

Cost Per Girl: $6 
Cost Per Adult: N/A