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Learn more about how you can support Girl Scouts Summer at Home programming.

Happy Summer! This virtual space is where Girl Scouts along with their parents / caregivers can find six weeks of fun & skill-building patch programs and other resources tailored just for the summer at home with the family or in small groups as social distancing guidelines are outlined for your area. This space will have new resources added every Wednesday through July 12. We will utilize our Facebook page to highlight the new resources added.

Because many of these resources include navigating online, we want our Girl Scouts and parents/caregivers to review our Internet Safety pledge before beginning the fun.

Learn more about our four program pillars and the five outcomes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Virtually Connecting as a Troop

You can virtually connect as a troop! We encourage using Zoom, a video/web conferencing tool.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email in the box
  3. Click Sign Up For Free
  4. We want our troops/Girl Scouts to run safe meetings in Zoom. Here’s how to do it.
  5. Check out the new Safety Activity Checkpoint for Virtual Troop Meetings

Even a free account can host meetings for up to 40 minutes in length for up to 100 attendees. In the interim, you may get unlimited time during this social distancing time.