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Welcome troop leaders! Here you'll find links to commonly used resources and important information to help you lead your troop.

Frequently Used Forms
Managing Your Troop
Staying Safe

Safety Activity Checkpoints
You can view all Safety Activity Checkpoints on the Forms & Resources page.

First Aid/CPR Requirements:
Emergencies require prompt action and quick judgment. For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be first aid/CPR certified. It is required for any overnight trips, camping or high risk activities.
Learn more and view upcoming first aid/CPR training opportunities.

Troop Money Earning

Is your troop ready for a money earning activity?

Money earning refers to activities organized and carried out by girls (in partnership with adults) that earn money for troop activities. Brownie–Ambassador troops can FUND the FUN by following these five steps to money earning:

Five Steps to Money Earning

  1. Follow good money management practices. Read chapter 5 in Volunteer Essentials and determine your need for money earning. If you are considering a money earning activity to fund a trip, be sure you have submitted your Activity & Trip Application and it has been approved.

  2. Participate in Cookie Program and Candy, Nuts & Magazines program.

  3. Submit your Troop Money Earning application at least 4 weeks prior to your proposed activity.

  4. Await approval. You will be contacted within 5 business days of submission with a response to your application: approved, pending with additional information needed or denied. If you receive a pending or denied response, your membership manager will provide guidance on other activities you might consider.

  5. Once you are approved, your troop can plan and carry out the money earning activity

Examples of Money Earning Activities

Common/traditional activities:

  • ​Bake sale
  • Mother/Daughter event (tea, etc.)
  • Dinners (chili, spaghetti, etc.)
  • Garage sale (see guidelines)
  • Savers-Recycling & Clothing Drive
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Face painting
  • Car wash
  • Craft booth at church or local fair ​​ ​

Unique/specialized activities:

  • Daisy Petal Catch Up (for new girls joining a Daisy troop to earn petals)
  • Water booth at town festival
  • Pink flamingo flocking (special recognition for the adult in service unit)
  • Make rain barrels to sell at area markets
  • Babysitting (see guidelines)​
  • Cake decorating workshop
  • Gift wrapping
  • Create a cookbook
  • Photo booth at special event
  • Corsages for father/daughter dance
  • Swap making shop
Babysitting Guidelines

Babysitting can be a great money earning or service activity. Below are guidelines troop must follow when planning a babysitting event.

General Requirements:

  1. This money earning project can only be done by Cadettes and above. Girls must be at least 2 years older than the oldest child they are watching.
  2. Must take place in a public facility like church or school.
  3. No children less than 2 years old.
  4. Event cannot be longer than 4 hours.
  • If the activity is a money earning activity, request council permission at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • Ensure proper adult ratios. The minimum age requirement for children participating in babysitting events is 2 years old.
  Two unrelated adults (at least one of whom is female) for up to this number of children: Plus one additional adult for each additional number of up to this many children:
Children between 2 years old and Kindergarten 6 4
Daisies (grades K–1) 12 6
Brownies (grades 2–3)
20 8
Juniors (grades 4–5) 25 10
Cadettes (grades 6–8) 25 12
Seniors (grades 9–10) 30 15
Ambassadors (grades 11–12) 30 15

Please note that older girls who will be watching the younger children count as girls in the ratios. For example if you have 10 children under Kindergarten and 5 Cadettes you will need a minimum of 4 adults.

  • Ensure all adults have background checks and volunteer applications on file.
  • Purchase additional insurance for all non-members (adults and children) at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • If parents are not on the premise, collect health histories and permission slips for each child.
  • An adult who is first aid/CPR certified is required to be at the event. This adult must also have a background check and volunteer application on file.
  • Establish check-in/check-out process.
Garage Sale Guidelines
  1. Request council permission at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  2. Ensure proper adult ratios (see table below).
  3. Ensure all adult volunteers who will be working with girls or handling money have background checks and volunteer applications on file.
  4. Purchase additional insurance for all non-members (adults) at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Insurance only needs to be purchased for adults volunteering to work at the garage sale. It does not need to be purchased to cover the general public attending.
  5. During the event keep pets away from girls and the general public.     
  Two unrelated adults (at least one of whom is female) for this number of girls:  

Plus one additional adult for each additional number of this many girls:

Brownies (grades 2–3)





Juniors (grades 4–5)



Cadettes (grades 6–8)  



Seniors (grades 9–10)  



Ambassadors (grades 11–12)  





Restaurant Fundraiser Guidelines

General Requirements:

  • Girls must be present and helping in some way during the event. This could include welcoming guests, busing tables, opening the door or delivering food. Note: Not all restaurants allow this so carefully select your restaurant. The money earning request will not be approved unless the girls are working.
  • National guidelines prohibit girls asking for tips but they can accept them if offered.
  • The troop will do any requested marketing and promotion of the event.


  1. Review the general requirements with the restaurant to ensure that the girls can be present during the money earning activity.
  2. If the activity is a money earning activity, request council permission at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  3. Ensure proper adult ratios. (see table below)
  4. Ensure all adult volunteers who will be working with girls or handling money have background checks and volunteer applications on file.
  5. Purchase additional insurance for all non-members (adults) at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Insurance only needs to be purchased for adults volunteering to work at the restaurant. It does not need to be purchased to cover the general public attending.
  6. Market the event to friends and family. If you want to promote within your service unit, please contact your service unit team and/or your staff liaison.
  Two unrelated adults (at least one of whom is female) for this number of girls:

Plus one additional adult for each additional number of this many girls:

Brownies (grades 2–3)  





Juniors (grades 4–5)



Cadettes (grades 6–8)



Seniors (grades 9–10)



Ambassadors (grades 11–12)





Quesitons about troop money earning?
Email us!

Program on Demand (POD)

Program On Demand (POD) is a great way to take some of the work of planning a Journey off of the leader’s list of responsibilities! Council Troop Experience staff, along with trained volunteers, have a library of programming connected directly to our Girl Scout Journeys available to bring to a location of your choosing.  

For $10 per girl, the staff/volunteers will lead 2 ½-3 hours of Journey activities (depending on the topic and group size), completing the bulk of the Journey work. There will be a pre-visit activity that girls will need to do ahead of time, and the Take Action project will be completed after the POD event.

The minimum requirement for a POD is 15 girls. If your troop is not that size, you can invite other troops at your level to partner with you, or please ask us to find you a troop. Other leaders have stated they like working with and meeting other troops. This is a great opportunity to get to know other troop leaders and girls that are in your service unit. 

This is not a drop-off activity. Leaders must maintain ratios for their girls and will need to help monitor some of the activities while in stations (activity guide will be provided).

POD will be reserved no less than four weeks in advance. This gives leaders time to do the pre-visit activities with your girls and gives council staff and volunteers time to order supplies. Your group will have to reserve the space where the POD will take place, so as you’re requesting dates from us, make sure that you’ve checked with the location you want to reserve for their availability as well.

>> Complete our interest form to schedule POD after reviewing the program options below.

POD Journey Options

Daisy Outdoor Journey:  Grab those little Daisies and let’s get outside!  In this journey we will explore art in nature, learn the very basics of going on a first campout, and be prepared to take action to help others!

Daisy Between Earth & Sky:  “Travel” through the United States and learn what makes each state unique and wonderful, as each Daisy Girl Scout is unique and wonderful. Girls will discover different environments and different emotions related to their world. Daisies will take the emotions they discovered about the environment back to their troop meeting to brainstorm and create a Take Action Project.

Brownie Quest:  Get your Brownies together and let’s go on a quest to discover what makes us and our families unique, how we connect to each other and our community and be prepared to take action to make a difference.

Brownie Think Like a Programmer:  Technology is our future, and this program gets girls excited about how coding works in real life.  From giving directions, to finding patterns and solving puzzles – girls will learn all of the ins and outs of how to identify codes and algorithms in their world.

Brownie Think Like an Engineer:  What do engineers look like?  They look like the Brownies in your troop!  In this program, girls will engineer a “helping hand” and work through the design process to solve a few other problems.  They will have to work as a team, and use their super “power” to get the job done!

Brownie Outdoor Journey:  Get your Brownies together to explore more about outdoor camping!  Girls will learn more about First Aid, the basics of how to pack and plan a camping trip and even enjoy a wonderful hike!  This journey requires outdoor space for the location of the Program on Demand and will require girls to enjoy a fun troop camping trip as post work.

Junior Agent of Change - Girls will participate in fun and interactive activities to complete the Power of One and Power of Team awards.  They will start the Power of Community Award and will finish their take action project with their troop.

Junior Think Like a Programmer:  Coding is a mix between language, art, math and a little mystery – this program will give girls a chance at writing their own codes, and trying out their friends codes!  We’ll also take a look at how technology needs to be designed with the user in mind – so how people should interact with technology to enhance their quality of life.

Junior Think Like an Engineer:  Engineers figure out how to solve problems no matter how big or small – whether that problem is designing a building that stays safe during an earthquake, or designing something to hold their book open while they read.  Girls will learn that the design process is the most challenging (and the most fun) part of being an engineer!

Junior aMuse - Want to visit space? Want to win Olympic Gold? Be a movie star? Maybe you have another role you’d like to try! aMuse is your chance to explore all you can do, and inspire others to explore, too!


What do I get with a Program on Demand?
You’ll get 2 ½ to 3 hours of programming with two trained staff or volunteers! Think – stations with different hands-on activities, games, and as time allows, some brainstorming so you head into the Take Action project with some solid direction. We will bring all of the necessary materials, as well as a snack for each girl. Also, once we confirm your date with you – we will send you an activity guide for pre-visit work to be completed before your Program day. After the Program, our staff/volunteers will leave you with a Take Action guide to follow to finish up your Journey, as well as the Journey awards for each girl registered!

How do I schedule this into my troop year?
The Program on Demand is 2 ½ to 3 hours. We can do that on a weekend, on a day off from school, or after school if time allows – it’s really up to you and your troops! Each Program on Demand has a pre-visit activity (not more than 30-40 minutes) and you will need to do your Take Action project afterwards. Depending on the scope of the Take Action project, planning a meeting or two fairly soon after the Program day to do that work should be enough. Your staff/volunteers can talk to you and the girls about how to complete your project. If you need to wait a month or two to finish the project, that also works!

How much is it, and what do the girls get for that cost?
Program on Demand is $10 per girl. Each girl will get the Journey awards for her vest, smock or sash. She will also get a snack during the program. The staff/volunteers leading the activities will bring all of the materials – you just need to bring the girls and reserve the space!

I have a small troop, and I don’t know anyone else that wants to partner with me – what can I do?
Email us at! We’re keeping a list of people interested, and as soon as there’s a potential match – we’ll get the interested parties in touch to see if you can find a meeting spot and date that works for everyone! We’ll also help network out to neighboring service units to find a troop or two to join you!

My girls chose a Journey that’s not on this list – can I still get a Program on Demand?

Email us at! We are continuously adding to our library of resources, and if we know that something is requested, that may bump it up to the top of the to-do list. If we aren’t offering that Journey soon, we can still be a resource for you to make sure that Journey is a success for your troop!

What kind of space do you need me to reserve for this activity?
We can be flexible – it needs to hold the girls and adults comfortably. If your troop or service unit already has a great meeting location, you can see if you can request that space. Otherwise – libraries, VFWs, schools and community centers typically have classrooms/common areas that will work. Once you set the date with our team, we will have some questions about the space so we know how we’re going to set things up for the activities.  Out staff/volunteers will need a little bit of time to set up and pack up – so when making the reservation, plan for 30 minutes on either side of the event.

What is the refund policy?
Cancellation by the troop more than 1 week out: If the troop or individual cancels more than 1 week prior to the event, the fee will be refunded if a written request is received at least 1 week prior to the event date.

Cancellation by the troop less than 1 week out: If the troop cancels 1 week prior to the event date, the fee will not be returned to the troop. Troops will not receive any refunds for individuals at this point, but they are more than welcome to fill an open spot with a girl from another troop.


Volunteering as a POD facilitator is a great way to stay involved with the Girl Scout mission and work directly with Girl Scouts while teaching them valuable leadership skills.  

The time commitment can be as little as 4 hours per month or 20 hours per month. Opportunities will be in various locations throughout the KC Metro area.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a POD volunteer, please email

We will train all volunteers on the Program on Demand topic.

Petals, Badges & Journeys by Focus Area

There are a plethora of petals, badges and Journeys you can earn as a Girl Scout! See all the options available to you and where they align in our Entrepreneurship, STEAM, Civic Engagement and Outdoor focus areas!

>>Your Girl Scout Programming

Other Resources

Supplemental Training Library

Live and Recorded Webinars

Join our Troop Experience Managers as they host webinars on the dates and topics below. Can’t join? Don’t worry, all webinars will be recorded and linked in the "Recorded Webinars" section of this page.


March 28, 12-1pm
How to use your Cookie Proceeds (and Other COOL things to do) | REGISTER

April 11, 12-1pm
Spring and Summer Tips and Tricks | REGISTER

April 25, 12-1pm
Wrapping Up Your Girl Scout Year | REGISTER


Short 'N Snappy Videos

Short 'N Snappy videos provide support on a variety of topics for troop leaders! Learn more on how to manage your troop and work with girls. All videos are between 15-30 minutes in length.  


  Cookie Booth Best Practices


  New Troop Banking: Bank of America Accounts

  New Troop Banking: NON-Bank of America Account 

Creating a Troop Budget


  Troop Helper

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) 101

  Running a Parent/Caregiver Meeting

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

Renewing Your Girl Scout Membership

Troop Travel - What to do before you go!

Working with Spanish Speaking Families


  Managing Your Multi-Level Troop

Using the VTK as a Multi-Level Troop


Bridging Ceremonies


Establishing a Girl-Led DAISY Troop

  Establishing a Girl-Led BROWNIE Troop

  Establishing a Girl-Led JUNIOR Troop

Establishing a Girl-Led CADETTE Troop

  Building Sisterhood

Cooperative Learning

Girl Scout Ceremonies

Girl Scout Ceremony - Court of Awards

Outdoor Progression: Daisies to Juniors

Understanding Council Community Partners


Daisy Petals, Leaves & Journeys

Cookie Business Badges

Girl Scout Leadership Awards

Understanding the Girl Scout Bronze Award

Understanding the Girl Scout Silver Award

Program Aide Pin

Financial Literacy Badges

Stay tuned! More Short 'N Snappy videos on the way!


The 3 Processes for Girl Scout Volunteers

Leadership and the GSLE

Outdoor Skill Building Videos from GSUSA

Venture Out Training
Learn practical tips and tricks, read other volunteers’ stories, and explore the joys of taking girls outside with Venture Out!, a fun, interactive “outdoor” adventure made possible by GSUSA’s Elliott Wildlife Values Project.


For New Troop Leaders

Troop Meeting Outlines

To help new leaders get started, meeting outlines have been created for Daisy, Brownie and Junior Troop Leaders. The guides help troops start with Petals/Badges or a Journey.

Each outline includes a list of supplies, opening/closing, activities related to the petal/badge or Journey listed, and sample emails that can be sent to parents after each meeting. Download the PDFs below to get started. Leaders are encouraged to continue using a similar format to lead future meetings.

New Troops
Introduction to Girl Scouts: The Promise and The Law




Parent/Caregiver Meeting Resources

Managing a Girl Scout troop can be a big job, so it’s a great opportunity to call on your village. Schedule a mandatory parent/caregiver meeting early in the year to set expectations and recruit other adults to help. You will want to identify an assistant troop leader, troop cookie manager, treasurer, drivers for field trips, and parents who can share special skills or career interests with girls.

Your troop may want to go a step further and set up a caregiver troop committee to share leadership responsibilities. If you want to shift troop leadership throughout the year, make sure adults who will be responsible for the troop have attended New Leader Express training.

The materials in the packet will help you plan your parent/caregiver meeting. If you need additional support, your service unit team, new leader consultant, or membership manager are all great resources.

  View/download the Parent/Caregiver Packet

What's in the Parent/Caregiver Packet?

  • Parent/Caregiver Meeting Tip Sheet:  An overview of how to set up and organize a parent/caregiver meeting.
  • Parent/Caregiver Meeting Agenda:  Use this form to organize your meeting.
  • Parent/Caregiver Letter from GSKSMO: Use this letter to share with your parents/caregivers outlining the important role they play in their Girl Scout’s experience.
  • GSUSA Parent/Caregiver Cheat Sheet for Volunteering - This is the ultimate cheat sheet for all-star Girl Scout parents/caregivers—no matter how busy theymay be!
  • Parent/Caregiver Volunteer Form: This sheet helps parents/caregivers understand all the ways they can help and share their interests and availability. Spanish version
  • Girl Info Sheet:  Gives parents/caregivers an opportunity to share more about their girl's interests. Spanish version
  • Becoming a Troop Volunteer:  A printable document you can hand to parents that explains the screening requirements for participation in Girl Scout activities.
  • Parent/Caregiver Meeting Sign-In Form
  • Navigating the VTK: Gives an overview for parent/caregivers on how to login to the VTK and see troop meeting plans for the year, see upcoming events and how she/he can engage and communicate with you.
New Leader Express Tipsheets

Welcome new leaders! The tip sheets below will guide you through common processes and practices.

Has your troop earned their Bronze or Silver award? Let us know!