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Safety Activity Checkpoints

When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints (SACs) written specifically for that particular activity.

If SACs do not exist for an activity you and your Girl Scouts are interested in, check with the council before making any definite plans.

START HERE: Quick Glance at Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety Activity Checkpoints (full document)

SAC for Virtual Troop Meetings  

When activities involve unpredictable safety variables, they are not recommended as Girl Scout program activities. These include but are not limited to:

Bungee Jumping
Flying in small private planes
Flying in helicopters or blimps
Hang gliding
Hot air ballooning
Motor biking
ParasailingRiding all-terrain vehicles
Riding motorized personal watercraft (jet skis, etc.)
Shooting a projectile at another person (ex: paintball)
Stunt skiing
Outdoor trampolining

The following activities require council approval through the Activity and Trip Application:

Archery & 3-D Archery (non-GSKSMO programs)
Challenge Course
Climbing and Rappelling (non-GSKSMO programs)
Horseback Riding (non-partner programs)
Canoeing (non-GSKSMO programs)
Kayaking (non-GSKSMO programs)
Knife Throwing (non-GSKSMO programs)
Recreational Tree Climbing
Offshore/large passenger vessels
Scuba Diving
Shooting Sports
White Water Rafting
Wind Surfing
Ziplining (non-GSKSMO programs

Highest Awards Resources
Volunteer Essentials
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Day Camp Forms

Due to COVID-19, all 2020 day camps on and off council properties have been cancelled.

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Program Aide Training for Leaders

When girls guide or teach others, they act as mentors. An exciting part of a Girl Scout’s development, teen mentoring is a win-win proposition! As teen mentors, Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors gain experience by sharing skills, testing knowledge and trying out new leadership roles. For the girls being mentored, it means a chance to be with and learn from teens – some of their favorite people.

Teens who earn Leader in Action and Program Aide mentoring awards are given a special opportunity to serve as champions for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. As they serve in their roles, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can help grow awareness of all that Girl Scouting has to offer – Fun with a purpose: enjoyable and challenging activities that grow girls’ leadership in their daily lives and in the world.

Program Aide Training for Adult Leaders: 

Program Aide Short 'N Snappy Video
Program Aide Presentation
Program Aide Leader Guide
Program Aide Girl Guide 
Resource: How to Lead Games
Resource: Song Leading & Song Book

See all the Short 'N Snappy Training Videos!

Program Equipment Rental

Available Items and Procedures
At this time, we are unable to provide resource items for rental. Please reach out to your service unit team or other troops for possible supplemental items for your troop such as bridges or flags.

Items can be reserved up to 2 weeks at a time. (Some items like bridges, flags and marketing materials have a shorter limit. Those items are marked on the list below.)  All items must be reserved at least 2-weeks prior to your selected pick up date.

There is a $5 rental fee for every set (set of flags or cookie costumes) or item checked out. This fee will help the council maintain and replace the equipment as needed. It is the responsibly of the person checking the out the item(s) to clean all items, replace lost or damaged equipment, and pay a late fee of $1 per day for items not returned on the agreed upon date. All fees incurred will be billed to the person who checked out the item(s).


Special Items:

  • Due to the cost of the GPS units, there is a $10 rental fee for a set of 10.
  • Due to the popularity of cookie costumes, there is a 4-day limit on rental. The cost to rent 2 costumes is $5. If costumes are returned late, there will be a $5 per day late fee charged.

Checkout Process

Once you decide that you would like to check out equipment, please follow the process listed below.

1: Decide what you need
Determine what equipment you would like to reserve and submit a request at least two weeks prior to your pickup date. 

2: Email your request
Send an email with the following information to to submit your request. Items can no longer be reserved by phone. Please put "Checkout Request" in the subject line.

  • Your name
  • Your troop number and/or service unit
  • Contact information – address & phone number
  • Equipment requested
  • Date equipment will be picked up
  • Date equipment will be returned
  • The office you would like to pick up your items from (see list below of items available in outlying office locations)

A few items can be mailed. If you would like your items mailed, note that on your reservation and a staff member will call you to get a credit card number for payment. You are responsible for all shipping costs. A $5 shipping fee will be added to your total order.

3: Wait for confirmation
Once your request has been approved you will receive notification by email within 2-3 business days.

4: Pick up
All items must be picked up and dropped off at the council Kansas City headquarters between 10am and 3pm.

5: Return
Most items may be checked out for two weeks at a time. A late fee of $1 per day will be billed to the person who reserved the item(s) for anything not returned by the agreed upon date.

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