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Indy Girls

Becoming an Individually Registered Girl Scout (Indy Girl) might be right for you if....

  • live in a rural area
  •'re having trouble finding a troop
  • want to continue in Girl Scouting on your own

Being an Indy Girl is a great way to continue your Girl Scout experience (or become a new Girl Scout) when you cannot find a troop.

What can Indy Girls do?

  • Participate in council-sponsored programs and events as well as those taking place in the local community
  • Earn badges and journey awards
  • Sell cookies
  • Attend camp
  • So much more!

An Indy Girl does not attend troop meetings. She works on the Girl Scout program with a parent or other adult mentor, and decides what activities she wants to participate in and which badges or journey awards she wants to earn. 

Indy Girls may join local service unit and council-wide events, attend resident camp, participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, join other girls on trips, and attend events with friends of their choice.

How do I register my girl as an Individually Registered (Indy) Girl Scout?
You can register your Indy Girl online or by mail:

  • Online: If you register online,  select “Find Troops” and enter your Zip Code and select “Search.”  Scroll to bottom of troops listed and select “Apply to participate without a troop.” Complete registration info to purchase membership.
  • By mail: Fill out a paper registration form, putting “Indy” in as the troop number, and entering the service unit number. 

What is a service unit?
A service unit is an assigned geographic area, usually a school district, comprised of troops and volunteers. Each unit has a team, and as the parent of an Indy Girl, you should get to know who these women/men are, and ensure you are part of any communications regarding events, cookie booths and camps.

Can Indy Girls attend events?
Indy Girls are welcome to attend service unit and council events.  Information can be found on the council website,, and you will receive emails from the volunteers in your community, or membership staff person serving the area. Some service units have Facebook pages where events are listed. When Indy Girls wish to attend an event, they must be accompanied by an adult. 

Can Indy Girls participate in the Cookie Program?
Yes, Indy Girls are encouraged to participate in both of our council-sponsored Product Sales Programs. Please email our Product Sales Department for an informational packet.

How is the profit from council sponsored product sales handled?
Indy Girls earn credits which can be used for GSKSMO day and resident camp, in-store purchases at our store, GSKSMO Travel, GSKSMO Adventure Programming and GSUSA Destinations. Indy Girls cannot have their own bank accounts; all finances can be handled through council.

Can Indy Girls hold extra money earning activities?
The council-sponsored Product Sales Programs should fund all activities, badges, camping and events. Additional money earning activities are not permitted for Indy Girls. When Indy GIrls decide to earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, they should contact GSKSMO to find out our guidelines for money earning. 

Can Indy Girls go camping?
Yes, Indy Girls are permitted to attend council-sponsored resident and day camps, and they may attend any camping opportunities provided by their service unitor a troop they have worked with in the past. Indy Girls are not permitted to rent a GSKSMO camp. Learn about camping opportunities at

Can Indy Girls meet as a group?
If your Indy Girl is interested in working with other girls to complete badges or participate in field trips, they may do this with existing troops who are led by GSKSMO approved volunteers. They may even choose to transfer into a troop in the area. Your service unit manager or membership staff person can connect you with age appropriate troops for any type of group activities such as field trips, service projects and badge work. 

Are Indy Girls covered by Girl Scout insurance?
Girl Scout insurance is a secondary insurance. Your personal health insurance would apply first in case of an accident. Council approved service unit and troop sponsored activities fall under the insurance covered by your membership registration. 

Can Indy Girls earn Bronze, Silver and Gold awards?

Yes.  Indy Girls can earn any or all of our awards. Bronze awards are for Junior level Girl Scouts and are meant to be earned as a group, but an Indy Girl can do it on her own.