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Troop & Service Unit Camping

Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Whether for a day, a week, or longer, Girl Scout camp gives girls an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults.

Camping as a Troop, SU & Day Use

Troop Camping

Currently registered troops are eligible to apply for camping at all of our camps. Camps are open year-round and are available any night of the week for reservations. For overnight camping, each troop must include a person certified in First Aid and Child and Adult CPR and a person who has completed Girl Scout Outdoor Training (Camping 101 for camping in a building; Camping 101 & 102 for camping in a unit) for each unit/building reserved. Troops can place reservations up to 3 months in advance. Online reservations only.

Make a reservation online now:
Camp Prairie Schooner
Camp Tongawood

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Service Unit Camping

Council service units are eligible to apply for encampments at our local camps: Camp Tongawood and Camp Prairie Schooner. Service unit (SU) camping will be limited to only a couple weekends each Spring and Fall, this ensures that there are still plenty of weekends for troop camping to occur on property.

  • If you wish to reserve a commercial kitchen, on-site training and food handler certifications are required. 
  • Service units can place reservations up to 4 months in advance using the Outdoor Reservation: Service Unit Camping FormAny requests submitted more than 4 months prior to the requested date will be returned. 
  • Service unit campout events will include council-staff lead adventure activities.

For any large SU event, once confirmed, a meeting with SU event organizers, council outdoor program team, property manager and membership manager will be set. This allows for everyone to come together to discuss the event and any needs from the SU and/or council staff to ensure the event is a successful experience for the girls.

SU Camping Guidelines
  • $50 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation along with Service Unit Camping Form.
  • Final camp site reservations are due 30 days prior to camping date
  • Final payment for reserved camp sites are due 30 days prior to camping date, less the $50 deposit.
  • Any camp sites without full payment 30 days prior to camping date will be released to allow reservation for troop camping for those dates.
  • Service Units must have a person certified in First Aid and Child and Adult CPR in each reserved unit.*
  • Service units must have a person who has completed Girl Scout Outdoor Training for each building (Camping 101) or unit (Camping 101 & Camping 102) reserved.*
*The FA/CPR and outdoor training certified adult can be the same person for each unit.

 View camp unit reservation fees and capacities

Outdoor Reservation: Service Unit Camping Form

Learn more about our camp properties

Service Unit Day Camp

Service Unit Day Camps take place May through August and are typically three to five days. These camps are coordinated by the service unit with teen girls and adult volunteers working together to plan and carry out innovative activities!

>>>See the list of 2018 Day Camps
Day Use of Camp Properties

Most camps have buildings or areas that troops and service units can reserve for day-time events. Troops and groups must provide adults to meet Safety Activity Checkpoints including an adult trained in First Aid and Child and Adult CPR. Outdoor Training is not required for day-only events. Schedule an Adventure Program activity while you’re at camp or lead your own Adventure Program activity like geocaching, hiking, letterboxing, orienteering and traverse climbing. If you reserve a commercial kitchen, on-site training and Food Handler certifications are required.

Camp Reservation Fees and Capacities

Fees & Capacities (per night)

Prairie Schooner Overnight Camping
Capacity Price
Flint - Permatents 36 $60
Conestoga - Permatents 36 $60
Covered Wagon - Permatents  36
Packtrain A - Permatents 16 $30
Packtrain B - Permatents 16 $30
Trail Centers 40 $240
Owl's Nest 16 $53
Dewitt 24 $80
Pool Meadow 20 $22
Farmer's Field 20 $22
Total:  296 $717
Tongawood Overnight Camping
Capacity Price
The Lodge 24 $80
Adirondaks 30 $50
Chalets 36 $60
Yucca Flats 20 $22
Outpost 40  $44
150 $256

Camping Equipment Rental

A limited amount of camping equipment is available for rental from Camp Prairie Schooner. Equipment can be rented in 5 day increments for a nominal fee. Equipment should be picked up and returned to camp. You will be contacted by the site manager to arrange pickup.  

What's the process for renting camping equipment?

Camping equipment rental and troop camping reservations are managed online through a third party provider on a secure site. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the camp location you will pick up equipment from (green buttons below).  You will be taken to the same third party, secure site that manages troop camping reservations.

  2. Select the category “Camping Equipment Rental" from the drop-down menu on the left.

  3. Choose your desired pick up date.

  4. A list of available equipment will appear for you to select from.

Camp Prairie Schooner

Available equipment and fees:


Included in Rental​

Rental Fee (5 days)

​Fire Kit

​1 grate
1 hard rake
1 shovel
1 fire bucket
3 plastic dish tubs
1 charcoal chimney


​Day Camp Essentials

​1 portable weather radio
1 American flag
1 folding cot


Dutch Oven

​1 cast iron dutch oven with lid



​1 cast iron griddle



​1 cast iron skillet


​Pie Irons

​6 pie irons


​Roasting Skewers

​6 large skewers



​2 Eureka tents  (2-person)
2 ground cloths



 If you have questions about camping, contact us