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Carolyn Hodges Great Save Fund

Learning CPR and first aid has long been a part of Girl Scouting from girls working toward their First Aid Badge to troop leaders or other adult volunteers becoming first aid/CPR certified so their troop can participate in various activities or programs.

Now, any registered Girl Scout age 12 years and older (girls and adult volunteers), may apply for a mini-grant to help underwrite the cost of first aid/CPR certification. Both troops and individuals may apply.

You will pay $15 or 50% of the cost of the class (which ever is lower) and the Carolyn Hodges “Great Save” Fund will cover the rest. For example if your class costs $50, you will pay $15 and the grant will pay $35. If your class is $24, you will pay $12 and the grant will pay $12. Costs will be reimbursed after the participant completes the class and questionnaire.

Each year, funds will be distributed throughout the council, so that Girl Scouts across the 47-county area may have access to grant funds throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Funds are limited and priority will be given to troops or individuals with scheduled Girl Scout activities or trips that require the certification.

To apply: Submit the Great Save Fund application and a copy of your certification card after you complete your class by email.

*PLEASE NOTE: Participants in CPR/First Aid classes hosted by GSKSMO automatically receive this benefit and should not apply for the Great Save Fund.

History of The Carolyn Hodges "Great Save" Fund

In May 2014, Dr. Glenn Hodges had a major cardiac episode, and the only reason he is with us today is because his wife performed life-saving CPR. Mrs. Carolyn Hodges credits her knowledge of CPR to her time as a troop leader and long-time Girl Scout volunteer.

Mrs. Hodges received the "Great Save" award from Overland Park Regional Medical Center for performing life-saving  CPR on her husband while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

With a renewed appreciation for the value of being CPR certified, Dr. and Mrs. Hodges were determined to help other people become certified, too. The Carolyn Hodges "Great Save" Fund was established so that more Girl Scouts may learn how to respond to victims of breathing and cardiac emergencies. The family also wants to highlight the importance of immediate response to medical emergencies and, most importantly, calling 911.

Dr. Hodges had a successful career as a clinician, teacher, clinical investigator, and physician executive.  He was affiliated with the Department of Veteran Affairs from 1974-1999 and was a faculty member at the University of Kansas College of Medicine and Health Science.

Mrs. Hodges was a Girl Scout throughout her childhood.  She earned the highest award in Girl Scouting, the Curved Bar (today called the Gold Award).  As an adult, she started volunteering for Girl Scouts when she and her husband moved to Kansas City in 1974.  In addition to her volunteer work, Mrs. Hodges was an early childhood education teacher.

The couple has four grown daughters, all of whom are Girl Scout alumnae; three of their granddaughters are also Girl Scouts. 

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